America’s secret war against the left.

The Cold War was not secret. But it was essentially a war, both overt e.g. Korea, VietNam, Cuba, Grenada etc. and covert. All foreign. The chief opponent was the Soviet Union which was constantly supporting the left in various countries.
But what about domestic leftists? Well, there was deportation of anarchists. House Committee on UnAmerican Activities hearings. Covert operations against antiwar activists during the VietNam war etc. More personally my experience starts about then. I went to Boulder in 1972. I met Dr. McFarland and John Davenport shortly thereafter. I went home to NJ in 1976.Got further involved in anarchism and Wilhelm Reich. In 1984 the Bruce Reilly incident occurred. I believe I was set up to be shot-dead- from 2 directions in a provoked barroom brawl. Recently I heard Bruce was stabbed to death in a bar in Florida. Perhaps-perhaps-this was a message to any operatives that this is what happens when you fail.
So to me this ttuttle12 disappearance is just the latest suspicious occurance. Ttuttle12’s blog stopped posting in March 2012. About a year after posting an article which supported Nader’s proposal of a progressive/libertarian alliance. Evidently ttuttle12 started posting on another blog. This was so similar to what I perceived happened to William S. Saturn that I discontinued my research/investigative reporting and went right to writing this post. I suspect WSS was kidnapped and his identity stolen/taken over. Likewise I suspect ttuttle12 was also. My overall conclusion is that there is evidently a huge, intricate policy of sabotaging the left domestically. Secretly coordinated by the FBI. Involving the military-Bruce was in the Navy, as was Carl Canzanese and Carl’s brother in law. And more recently involving Israeli intelligence. The Israelis provide not only a degree of separation from covert operations and the FBI, but also have evidently insisted in not killing leftists but rather kidnapping them and warehousing them somewhere-in Israel?- somehow. Also evidently leftists include leftist supporters-like family-who are not necessarily leftists themselves but also others who support or even might support a leftist. I believe Nancy Benson falls into the latter category. She must have indicated some sort of interest in my presidential campaign while under surveillance. Hence she was disappeared.
Something has got to be done about this. The quickest, easiest, best way I know of would be to exhume the body of Nancy Benson. I say it is not there because the Israelis insisted she be disappeared, not killed. Where is she? I believe in Israel. Along with WSS, ttuttle12, Ruth Blumenstein, Doris Klinkenberg, Robert McFarland etc.
Let’s find out, shall we?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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5 Responses to America’s secret war against the left.

  1. The Whistleblower says:

    WSS is cryogenically frozen in Antarctica. We’ve already discussed that.

    What you do not know is that ttuttle12 was killed in a freak accident in which a bale of hay smashed him while in his auto.

  2. Dude says:

    ttutle12 is in Nancy Benson’s grave!

  3. Whistleblower, you seem overly confident that the freak accident was just that.

  4. Dude, I don’t think any body is in Nancy’s grave!

  5. Dude says:

    I teleported into the future into Nancy”s grave and I’m telling you for a fact ttutle12 is in there.

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