Open Letter to NCMHP residents. Rent Strike called for.

From Robert Milnes H5,H7.
In June 2014 I was evicted from Newton Creek Mobile Home Park, ILLEGALLY.
Despite what Ray or Kevin might say, here is what REALLY happened.
I am elderly-62-on disability and living alone.
Ray and I had several disagreements. I got about a month behind in rent. He filed for eviction. Arbitration: I would pay about $50/month for about a year until arrears paid. This is an arbitrated Court Order.
About 6 months went by. Ray tried to tow away my RV as an abandoned vehicle which it clearly was not. He could charge storage fees until it wouldn’t be worth it for me to get it back, then file a lien on the title, thereby legally steal it. Also it began to get cold. I wanted to build a garage to park rv in and heat cheaply with wood burning stove. Ray refused to allow that. I hired a man to help me clean my yards but soon I asked him to help me build the garage instead. Soon it was about 1/3 built and I moved in. Good thing I did because I survived cheaply with the wood stove through that polar vortex winter. Ray said to tear down the garage. I refused.
I wrote a letter to Judge Laskin saying I wanted a hearing about this. That I was withholding rent pending a decision by the Court. That was a technical legal mistake.
Ray’s attorney Lori Greenberg filed for eviction.
I was notified by Aid-Director Mr. Ginsberg that they would not be able to further assist me due to lack of funding. My lsnj attorney was David Podell.
By the time the hearing came around Dec. 3, another month’s rent came due. I hadn’t posted enough to cover all the rent due so a default judgement was entered. That was my second mistake.
A few days later Ray asked me to the office. He said if I signed a Consent to Vacate I would not be evicted in 3 days but rather 3 months. I didn’t know what else to do so I signed it.
Item 2 said that I must pay $1415. It did not say what for. Ray specifically said that the money held by the Court Clerk-$650- was included in that amount. As soon as I got the check in the mail I should hand it over to him which I did.
Meanwhile I became suspicious of this Consent to Vacate document. I think Ray got greedy and decided to allow me to stay through the winter as a pretext to get all the rent that I was behind on. That way he and his attorney wouldn’t have to be bothered with Small Claims Court to get it. The amount to be paid was right around how much I owed including the remainder of the Arbitration and exhorbitant legal fees. I believe that if Ray accepts ANY money from me after the default, it nullifies the default, let alone ALL of it.
When I complained about this to Megan Michitti, Ray’s daughter, the manager who is in charge of the books, she said, paraphrasing, it doesn’t matter if you are current in rent, we have other reasons we want you evicted. This told me I was dealing with people who didn’t know or care about tenants rights or how the Landlord/Tenant Court is SUPPOSED to work. Megan and her brother Daniel arrived in the office shortly after Sebastian died. Shortly after that, Daniel disappeared. WHAT HAPPENED TO DANIEL MICHITTI?
So I filed an Order to Show Cause on the ground that since the document required me to pay all money due, which I did, the default should be vacated.
Judge Laskin refused. He denied my petition. So I was locked out, then evicted
Does this sound fair to you?
Further, here is what I think happened behind the scenes. I have been an Independent and third party-Libertarian and Green- candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for several years including having declared for 2016.    see:
I think the FBI deliberately got Daniel Michitti in some sort of legal trouble then offered Ray to help Daniel in some way, sentence reduction, parole, halfway house etc. in exchange for evicting me. A quid pro quo. Further, upon realizing Ray’s mistake in having accepted money from me after the default, the FBI had to somehow get to Judge Laskin. I believe for this they relied on their allies- Israeli intelligence- to get to the Judge. Both the Libertarian and Green party platforms do not support Israel in the zealous way the Democratic and Republican parties do. Therefore Israel has a vested interest in seeing that either a Dem or Rep is elected President, NOT a Libertarian or Green. Judge Laskin may very well have been duped into participating in this covert action conspiracy against me for eviction. They also got to Ginsberg to deny me legal assistance. Evidently Ginsberg, Podell, Greenberg and Laskin are Jewish. This conspiracy would make them all traitors to the UNITED STATES. Also Kevin Vallen, NCMHP co-owner, who I went to several times about the document. And of course the Michitti family.
NCMHP residents/tenants. This is your clear opportunity to be rid of the Michittis! Declare a rent strike. Demand that Ray’s license to run NCMHP be suspended/revoked. The license is issued by the City of Camden. Contact ALL your City and federal Congressional representatives. Demand that Judge Laskin be removed from the Bench.
Demand that the maintenance crew Louis and Norm, who are drunks/drug addicts/thieves be removed from NCMHP.
Demand that I be allowed to return to NCMHP and as much of my possessions returned as possible. Demand that I be “unevicted”.
Thank you for your attention by reading this.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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2 Responses to Open Letter to NCMHP residents. Rent Strike called for.

  1. Dude says:

    The more you dwell on this the worse off you’ll be. How’s your schedule for leaving coming along? Snow and ice coming to the Rockies and Sierras before you know it…

    • I have been delayed by circumstances beyond my control at the auto repair center.. Kind of like circumstances beyond my control with the eviction. Is somebody manipulating things behind the scenes? I think so.
      I could go west via the warmer southern route, I40 or 10. Then up the Big Valley via highway 99. Quick trip up I25 to Boulder. The area I’m going to has cold winters, but not TOO cold. I should be all right in rv with propane heat. Not what I prefer, but doable.
      In other words, if somebody is deliberately delaying me from going to Boulder, then I will fight here, on my home turf.

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