BREAKING NEWS! Greens and Libertarians will lose the coming elections!

Hey, this isn’t news. It hasn’t even happened yet so how can it be news? What coming elections are we talking about, 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 2000 teens? Oh, next month? Tuesday, November 4th. Green and Libertarian candidates will lose-AGAIN-en masse. The higher the office the more certain the loss. Yet they keep trying! The same thing over and over again. With the same results. To Lose! And they keep hoping, trying, expecting different results. To WIN! Hey, wait a minute, isn’t that the definition of…INSANITY?
Yes, the Green and Libertarian candidates must be insane to listen to their PARTY instead of ME!
Tell you what, candidates. If you write in comments here at The PLAS Place that you will try PLAS, I will offer your campaign my personal advice free of charge. However once having offered my advice and you do not take it, I have the option of not offering any more.
Basically, here is PLAS. EITHER a Green or Libertarian on every possible ballot. If both are on the ballot, one must withdraw and endorse the other. If no Green or Libertarian is on the ballot, a green or libertarian MUST step up as write in candidate. ALL voters must be educated about PLAS in order to understand what is being set up for them so they can vote correctly. It is an opportunity to VOTE OUT democrats and republicans and Replace them with Greens and Libertarians. The closest we’ve come to this was in 1912. Teddy Roosevelt ALMOST accomplished this with his Progressive “Bull Moose ” Party. We must follow his example as best we can. However since we do not have a Teddy or a Progressive Party we must work with what we have-ME and the Green and Libertarian parties-AND PLAS.
Voters will support and continue to support a third party candidate and vote third party on election day IF THEY BELIEVE THAT CANDIDATE HAS A REASONABLE CHANCE TO WIN. Otherwise they will withdraw and chose their lesser of two evils between the democrat and republican. PLAS has a reasonable chance to win because it sets up a three way race between the democrat, the republican and the PLAS(Green OR Libertarian) candidate. Polling and many studies and elections have shown that in such a three way race, a third party candidate can come VERY CLOSE (1912) or win (1970 Chile) a plurality.
Fortunately this is not a Presidential election year. That will be 2016. By that time we need to create a new political party which MUST have in its bylaws that it MUST nominate a fusion ticket. This is to make sure there is a fusion ticket in 2016 because the Green and Libertarian parties cannot be relied on to nominate a fusion ticket. I propose this party be called The Lexington Green Party. A fusion ticket is a progressive man for president/libertarian woman for vice president.
So, if you would like to try to win this November, write so in comments here at The PLAS Place. I do not think it is too late yet. Close though. And Close is good enough!

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to BREAKING NEWS! Greens and Libertarians will lose the coming elections!

  1. Milnes talking about insanity is LOL.

    I propose the Master Bation Party. I know it has a 100% chance of success because the ultimate Master George Washington won both the 1789 and 1792 election with 100% of the votes.

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