Nazi Discusses Milnes

In an interview with The Saturnalian, Nazi blogger Vernon said the following about Robert Milnes possibly becoming President of the United States:

I don’t think he will ever get off the couch honestly. I don’t like the way Frankel treated him and I think he has a good idea about united Libertarians and Progressives, but we should include National Socialists too and make it a Libertarian National Socialist Green Alliance. I am an environmentalist and an advocated of making government hyper-local and tribal, which I consider to be libertarian, and I like a lot of libertarians ideas such as no more welfare for niggers, pro States Rights, pro stop giving aid to Israhell and fighting their wars, pro separation of church and state, anti quotas, anti forced race mixing in the schools, anti ZOG forced race mixing in general, for your right as a White man to defend yourself and your family with weapons, ending the federal reserve and bringing the kike banksters to justice and so on, I favor a national socialist near-anarchist and environmentalist tribal society in tune with nature and its pagan gods and blood and soil, kith and kin, race and land, and honor. The national socialist movement has always been very progressive with strong support for the White Working Class, the environment, holistic and natural health, even animal rights which B.T.W. I am a dog lover and I am disgusted by Frankel and his criminal buddies being involved in ritual satanic kidnapping, torturing, raping and killing dogs and other animals all over the country. So basically a progressive-libertarian- alliance with national socialists (PLANS) to take it one step past PLAS. Oh and I also like Milnes being anti zionist and talking about deporting niggers.

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8 Responses to Nazi Discusses Milnes

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  2. Interesting post, WSS. It will be interesting to see a reaction within the IPR community.
    I have read the interview in The Saturnalian. I never used the word “deport” and I did not specify blacks only. This is a Tom Knapp/paulie banali spin on what I actually proposed-a voluntary emigration subsidy for ANY/All American citizens. This would be part of an overall program of parity for Native Americans.
    The injection of NA blood into all Americans-this is the first I’ve even heard of that. If it refers to the “blood brother” ritual of cutting one’s hand and shaking or clasping hands, this-injections- represents a 21st century/more efficient method. However due to Aids, Hepatitis, Ebola etc., I do not recommend it. Although I do see the ideal of men becoming brothers in true spirit as a worthy goal.
    There will be no genocide under a Milnes administration, ANYWHERE in the world, with impunity.
    Also, there will be no poaching of endangered species and other animal cruelties, on land or the high seas, with impunity.
    I may comment further on this post.

  3. Bubba Gump says:

    LOL, looks like Vernon aka Frankel/banali interviewed Saturn as well:

    I wonder if Saturn will be republishing that one? It’s like a mutual masturbation, I mean admiration, society with the two of them…

  4. Martin Passoli says:

    It’s like a virtual Auschwitz gas chamber on the 88fourteen blog, the toxic hate fog is so thick.

    LOL, looks like Vernon aka Frankel/banali interviewed Saturn as well:

    I wonder if Saturn will be republishing that one?

    I wonder if Saturn will be republishing that one? It’s like a mutual masturbation, I mean admiration, society with the two of them…..

  5. Martin Passoli says:

    LOL, looks like Vernon aka Frankel/banali interviewed Saturn as well:

    It’s like a virtual Auschwitz gas chamber on that blog, the toxic hate fog is so thick.

    I wonder if Saturn will be republishing that one? It’s like a mutual masturbation, I mean admiration, society with the two of them……..

  6. I see.
    I’m not aware of any such techniques of DNA transfer.
    This goes back to Tom Knapp, paulie banali et al, misunderstanding, perhaps deliberately, the concept of “positive eugenics”.
    Native American, also Native Hawaiian Islander, populations have been decimated and racially mixed. Positive eugenics recognizes this and offers remedy. Negative eugenics is what the Nazis pursued. Obviously I propose the former rather than latter.
    Obviously a Native American Federation would be absurd if populated by mostly non Native people.

  7. Milnes Discusses Nazi.

    The enemy of my enemy …is my friend?
    I believe I have been under surveillance and covert operations for years-decades, By the FBI-U.S. intelligence, and in cooperation with Israeli intelligence. I have complained about this and asked for help with this for years-decades. Very little forthcoming except ridicule. Particularly from the progressives/leftists and libertarians more recently. Same with PLAS, which I am convinced is correct. What is the matter with them? Are they brainwashed, clueless?
    Now comes this …NAZI! Vernon. Who says he thinks well of PLAS and knows about the FBI and Israeli intelligence and has no qualms about hating them! The Zog!
    Zionist occupied government. The U.S. government dominated by the democrats and republicans, the reactionaries! Oh how I have longed to hear these things, FROM THE GREENS AND LIBERTARIANS!
    Where have you NAZIs been? Are there any more like you? Who think and talk and ACT like Vernon? I need you. As many as possible! NOW!
    Here is the thing. The coming elections November 4. The Greens and Libertarians are about to lose AGAIN. En masse! They are heading for the cliff again, like lemmings. What is needed is something to rattle their cage BIG TIME. How about a bunch of NAZIS doing what THEY SHOULD BE DOING? Protesting the ZOG!. In Washington, NYC, Philadelphia, Camden, NJ, Boulder etc.
    Now, to be sure I do not say this lightly. I never thought I’d have anything to do with Nazis. Certainly not NEED them. And it could be a set up. Vernon’s comment in The PLAS Place could be all lies. Designed to entrap me by associating me with political pariahs. Commit political suicide. And maybe that is the intention. But maybe there is some truth to what Vernon wrote. He sees similarities in Nazism and libertarianism. Much in common. Including a common enemy- the ZOG.
    Here is what I propose. And my demands, many of which may very well be deal breakers. You must renounce genocide. Vernon and the Nazi party. Publicly. I cannot condone it. I cannot work with it, accommodate it. And you must announce support for PLAS. You must be willing to work with greens, progressives and leftists in ballot access and vote coordination. Socialists and communists, many of whom are blacks and Jews etc. Assuming they are willing. Remember, we are trying to beat the ZOG at its own game, elections, not change anybody’s beliefs or politics or religion. We do not need to become blood brothers to try PLAS. And be willing to work with the libertarians, I suggest caucus with them. This is assuming they are willing. And you must accept amends to Native Americans. Including, 50% mostly white USA, 50% mostly N.A. NA Federation of Tribes; 50/50 land North America; population parity; income parity, net worth parity phased in. This is a lot, I know. But, after all 500 years is 500 years.
    I am convinced my eviction was by the ZOG. So I am planning to protest downtown Camden before I leave to Boulder. I am presently staying in my run down old rv near Camden. I’m planning to carry a sign naming Judge Laskin as a traitor to the U.S. And passing out leaflets-Open Letter to Newton Creek Mobile Park residents, a previous post at The PLAS Place. The Camden County Hall of Justice, Camden County Prosecutors Office and City Hall are all within a very short distance from each other. If I walk back and forth between them passing out leaflets I do not think I break any laws. However a group may require a permit. If so, you must get it. All must be lawful and peaceful.
    In Boulder, the University has popular access places like the pedestrian walkway under Broadway from the University Hill business area. And the road that leads to the University Memorial Student Center. Another good place to stand/assemble would be in front of the School of Education. Nancy was an education major.PhD. In Boulder it would be protest the Zog AND demand the exhumation of Nancy Benson’s body. I believe she is not dead but rather was kidnapped and taken to Israel. By the ZOG. And she is not the only one. Also beloved Boulder resident Dr. Robert McFarland. McFarland was my political mentor. Benson was someone I talked about as possible First Lady.
    There are many others. I’d like to add to the list Dr. Diane Barton. And My uncle, Orlando Frederick Milnes, a WW2 Marine. I had spoken to my father about the possibility of he and his brother Uncle Fred accompanying me on the campaign trail in 2008. Both are veterans. Uncle Fred died in 2008. So did Dr. McFarland. Dr Barton was my primary. I had returned from camping and mining in California very buff. I went to an appointment and I heard the nurses talking about me having to take my shirt off with Barton and a nurse present. Barton was not married, Jewish. I was not attracted to her but perhaps she was to me. Therefore was “disappeared”
    as a possible asset to me and/or my campaign. This is also what I think happened to Benson.
    Now, by the way, Nazis. I did some research about Dr. William Luther Pierce III. The Wikipedia said he died in 2002 suddenly from cancer. Huh? I don’t think anyone dies suddenly from cancer. Even in late stages. Better check with your military intelligence contacts to find out if he was sent to Israel “posthumously”. Also Libertarians, better check on the death of David Nolan. Suspicious timing, just before an important and controversial LNC meeting, seems to me.
    Nazis, if you want to try this, it must be done asap. The election is now just less than 2 weeks away.
    Rattle the ZOG’s cage!

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