Announcing The PLANSS Experiment.

Progressive Libertarian Alliance with National Socialists Strategy.
I propose that the Nazis be allowed to participate in PLAS on an experimental, tentative basis.
As time goes on a consensus will determine whether this will be accepted and how it will work out.
However the present situation requires immediate action.
Specifically, the Greens and Libertarians have many candidates on the ballot for November 4 VIRTUALLY ALL OF WHICH WILL LOSE.
However, if the Nazis were to conduct peaceful demonstrations endorsing PLAS, calling for an end to the ZOG government and calling for investigations of ZOG atrocities including possible kidnapping and/or murder of third party persons and/or their supporters, it might rouse the progressives and libertarians and the voters.
Specifically in Boulder, Colorado, at UC Boulder School of Education, call for an investigation of the reported death of Nancy Benson, PhD. Starting with an exhumation as to whether she was actually buried or kidnapped.
Also in Camden, NJ at the close County Hall of Justice, Prosecutors Office and Mayor’s Office in City Hall, a call for an investigation of Judge Laskin as to whether a particular eviction was lawful.
The forecast in the Philadelphia area on Monday and Tuesday, October 27 and 28 is for good weather, Sunny, highs in low to mid 70’s.
I plan to protest the Zog government and my eviction as illegal by passing out leaflets and carrying a sign then and there.
Hope to see you all there!
Vote for me for President in 2016.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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8 Responses to Announcing The PLANSS Experiment.

  1. vernon1488 says:

    Reblogged this on 88FourteenWordPress and commented:
    PLANSS…I love the acronym! PLAN SS. I have worked with many libertarian and green volk here in the PDX area on mutual issues such as END THE FED, anti ZOG, anti usury, pro homeschooling, Veterans Against the War, environmental causes, pro homeschool, pro 2nd Amendment, anti Israel (boycott, divest, sanction), anti GMO/Monsanto, anti crony corporatist, and so on.

    In response to William Saturn in my interview at I wrote:

    I don’t like the way Frankel treated him (Milnes) and I think he has a good idea about united Libertarians and Progressives, but we should include National Socialists too and make it a Libertarian National Socialist Green Alliance. I am an environmentalist and an advocate of making government hyper-local and tribal, which I consider to be libertarian, and I like a lot of libertarians ideas such as no more welfare for niggers, pro States Rights, pro stop giving aid to Israhell and fighting their wars, pro separation of church and state, anti quotas, anti forced race mixing in the schools, anti ZOG forced race mixing in general, for your right as a White man to defend yourself and your family with weapons, ending the federal reserve and bringing the kike banksters to justice and so on, I favor a national socialist near-anarchist and environmentalist tribal society in tune with nature and its pagan gods and blood and soil, kith and kin, race and land, and honor. The national socialist movement has always been very progressive with strong support for the White Working Class, the environment, holistic and natural health, even animal rights which B.T.W. I am a dog lover and I am disgusted by Frankel and his criminal buddies being involved in ritual satanic kidnapping, torturing, raping and killing dogs and other animals all over the country. So basically a progressive-libertarian- alliance with national socialists (PLANS) to take it one step past PLAS. Oh and I also like Milnes being anti zionist and talking about deporting niggers. I hope the boats spring a leak and the niggers drown. It will give the fish a stomach ache from eating the nasty niggers but at least we will be rid of them.

    We need more Greens and Libertarians to learn and teach others about how the kikes did 9/11 on behalf of the Jew World Order globalists, how they plan to use ebola to wipe out 80-90% of the human species in the next 5 years, how they have wiped out half the species on the planet and are trying to wipe out the White race, how they drink blood and sacrifice, torture and rape children and animals, how they run the banks and the media among many other things, how they perpetuated the holohoax lie and many other disinformation campaigns, how they are destroying our economy with usury and massive third world immigration and wars and debt for israhell, among many other issues.

    I also believe Milnes is correct that ZOG has been involved in possible kidnapping and/or murder of third party persons and/or their supporters, and in many other attrocities that need to be investigated.

  2. Bubba Gump says:

    Milnes and Vernon sitting in a tree….

  3. Robert Milnes is now a Nazi. I guess this solves the swastika spray paint mystery: he did it to himself.

  4. You should invite the Ku Klux Klan to march with you in Philadelphia.

  5. Citizen Norman, are you still homeless-I mean blogless?
    No, I’m not a Nazi, any more than I am a libertarian. Rightists all look alike to me.
    I go by what they say and do.
    No, I didn’t do the swastika spray paint myself. I think it was the Zog.
    Yep, the noreaster should be long gone by Monday, Tuesday.
    Looking forward to strolling-not marching-along the Hall of Justice past the Prosecutors’ office to City Hall. And back and forth. In the nice sunny, cool day. On The Good Earth.

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