Calling for a Week of Preelection Peaceful Assemblies.

The 2014 elections are in a few days. Almost certainly almost all the Green and Libertarian candidates will lose. By huge percentages. Just like always.
But it does not have to be. If the Greens and Libertarians would cooperate and coordinate their ballots and maximize their possible votes, they could win in what would be a three way race among the Democrat, Republican, and the Green OR Libertarian. This is the essence of PLAS, The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy.
For some reason, they are failing to do so. Hence will lose-AGAIN.
Recently a Nazi has expressed positive sentiments about PLAS, which few greens or libertarians have done. So, I requested that the Nazis also protest my eviction as unlawful, demand an investigation of certain third party persons and/or their supporters as possibly kidnapped and/or murdered. Also protest the FBI and Israeli intelligence unconstitutional domestic surveillance and covert operations against third party persons and/or their supporters.
I plan to peaceably walk in Downtown Camden, NJ passing out leaflets and talking with people about my eviction and noticibly numerous people around me disappearing and/or dying, often from some type of cancer. As well as many other suspicious occurrances seemingly increasing as my political campaign for President of the UNITED STATES progresses. If someone joins me in this effort, they are welcome. Including the Nazis. Now, if someone were to come around me with the purpose of harassing me and/or anyone around me, including the Nazis, they would not be welcome. I would even go so far as to press charges against such person/persons.
I propose similar Preelection Peaceful Assemblies nationwide. I suggest in the city of each state with the most population. Due to the geographic peculiarities of NJ and Philadelphia, and NYC, I suggest the NJ assembly be in Camden and instead of Philadelphia for PA, Camden. For PA, Pittsburgh. This is the hometown area of Nancy Benson, PhD. She still has family in the area. Instead of a city in N.New Jersey, NYC.
In the case of Colorado, I suggest Boulder instead of Denver. In Boulder we would be demanding an exhumation of Nancy to determine whether she has been kidnapped and/or murdered. In Camden we would be demanding an investigation of Judge Laskin to determine whether my eviction was lawful.
In all locations we would be supporting PLAS and trying to educate the voters about PLAS.
All locations should invite Green and/or Libertarian candidates to participate.
I propose Assemblies start Monday, October 27 through Monday, November 3.
I am looking forward to Preelection Peaceful Assemblies.
Then VOTE for the Green or Libertarian candidates on Tuesday, November 4.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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