Calling for Rattle Camden County’s Cage Day.

Friday mornings are when Landlord/Tenant Court is conducted. About 8:30-12. People start arriving about 8am.
I have been walking around the Camden County Hall of Justice and Camden County Prosecutor’s Office which is across a small park from City Hall protesting my eviction as illegal. On Tuesday morning and Thursday morning. Carrying a sign, passing out leaflets, talking with people.
I’m also publicizing my political campaign for President 2016 and PLAS.
I could use some support.
If some greens and/or libertarians would do this also, it might make a difference.
If Nazis come, I request they do not get into any confrontations with the greens or libertarians.
I need support, not to act out our differences.
I am requesting the CC Prosecutors investigate my eviction by Judge Laskin. I’ve requested to testify before a Grand Jury.
I am requesting an investigation of Newton Creek Mobile Home Park and a suspension of their Permit/License to operate the Park.
Let’s pass out leaflets about voting on Tuesday, November 4. And about PLAS in order to educate the voters that the Green and/or Libertarian candidates CAN WIN in a close plurality in what would be a three way race- the democrat, the republican and the PLAS-Green OR Libertarian on all possible ballots.
If enough people attend such assemblies around the nation, voters may be moved to vote Green and/or Libertarian.
Replace a democrat with a Green. Replace a republican with a Libertarian
Vote out the democrats AND the republicans.
First thing Friday morning let’s Rattle Camden County’s Cage!

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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