Progressives, libertarians, Nazis. Zogged!
At least the Nazis know they are Zogged.
Nazi Vernon mentioned that he would like to teach the Libertarians and Progressives about being Zogged. But I haven’t heard anything since.
The Nazis should be allowed to caucus with the libertarians. At least on an experimental basis.
Much as the commies should be allowed to caucus with the Greens.
We need all the allies we can muster. All bring something to the table. All have their baggage.
The Nazis bring awareness of the common enemy-The Zog, to the table.
If paulie cannoli doesn’t like it, it is tough shit.
The other morning I passed a leaflet to a lady with a cup of coffee. I just happened to see her across the street at a trash can putting something in. I said to myself Damn! She is throwing away the leaflet. But No! She walked away with the leaflet.
She had left the coffee cup and taken the leaflet.
If the Nazis caucus with the Libertarians, it would put a lot more pressure on paulie to prove he is not a Zog collaborator. As it is, the libs give him a pass.
The Libertarians and Greens are so infiltrated NOBODY should get a pass.
As it is the reactionaries-dems and reps, are well entrenched on their way to winning the elections AGAIN in 2016. The Libertarians and Greens et al are well on their way to LOSING AGAIN in 2016.
It is not inevitable. With PLAS and The Lexington Green party, we can nominate a fusion ticket and sweep the dems and reps out!
I want Nancy Benson UNZOGGED. Unburied. Exhume the body. I think she is not there but in Israel.
Also same with Ruth Blumenstein of Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ. Not dead and buried from cancer. Kidnapped and taken to Israel.
I want to be UNZOGGED. Unevicted.
William S. Saturn is another sort of case. Either he never existed at al-was/is an online persona/ nom de plume, or he has been kidnapped, perhaps taken to UK, or Israel and his online persona taken over by a supercomputer program operated by DHS/FBI. First we must identify WSS. Personna or person? If person, where is the body? Is he alive or dead?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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4 Responses to Zogged!

  1. How many leaflets did you pass out? What was written on them? And could you post an image of one?

  2. I passed out about 300 leaflets, all are a copy of previous post Open Letter to NCMHP Residents. That has this website linked in the text. At the Hall of Justice. I haven’t decided what to do in the federal area a couple of blocks away. I’m hoping they just set up my Grand Jury testimony and skip the political street theater.
    Obviously I cannot be taken to Grand Jury by the FBI. So I’m thinking 2 U.S. Marshals and 1 U.S. Attorney I would go with.

  3. vernon1488 says:

    Reblogged this on 88FourteenWordPress.

  4. My friend Chester told me you handed him a flyer. He used it to wipe his ass.

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