Brick Wall at U.S. Attorneys’ Office, Camden, NJ.

After picketing across the street from the Camden County Hall of Justice, I went there. Backpack full of change of clothes, electric toothbrush, deodorant, Gravity cologne my favorite, cellphone, charger, computer, charger, SPARE battery, beard trimmer, just in case I go somewhere to testify, etc. But no. Sure, they were polite. On Monday, then again today, Friday.
But she made it clear that my simplistic notion of being taken to the Grand Jury and testifying-telling my complaint, my story and answering questions was just not the way it was done.
Of course that is after years, decades of watering down the Grand Jury to a mere DOJ/FBI rubber stamp. A U.S.Attorney can indict a ham sandwich.
She did write down 3 numbers for me.
FBI Cherry Hill, NJ. 856-795-9556.
I don’t think much would be accomplished if I called or went there.
Camden County Prosecutors Office 856-225-8400.
Federal Election Commission. 800-424-9530.
The idea is that there must be some agent or agency to take a complaint/statement, investigate, file a charge, THEN it may be brought to a U.S. Attorney and presented to a Grand Jury.
I went to the CC Prosecutor-again, today. He referred me to the local police in Camden County and/or The U.S. DOJ which has authority over the FBI.
Perhaps I will pursue this.
I would like to see the Libertarians investigate the death of David Nolan. I suspect he was being poisoned to prevent him from going to the next LNC meeting. What really happened from there I do not know.
I would like to see the Greens investigate the death of Robert B. McFarland, MD. Supposedly by stomach cancer. His body donated to science-University of Denver Medical Center. I don’t think he died of cancer. I think he was drugged and kidnapped and taken to Israel.
Also in Boulder Nancy Benson, PHD. Cancer again? I don’t think so. Israel?
I’d like to see the Nazis investigate the death of William Luther Pierce. Cancer again? I don’t think so. Israel?
Ruth Blumenstein of Cherry Hill, NJ. Cancer again? I don’t think so. I may try to get Cherry Hill police to investigate this. Israel?
Doris Klinkenberg of Sun City West, AZ. Cancer again? Give me a break. Don’t any of these old people get hit by a vehicle while crossing the street anymore? Heart attack?
William S. Saturn. BIG MYSTERY.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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