Covert operations involving PATCO elevated trains.

The local South Jersey >Philadelphia train is the Port Authority Transport Corporation elevated/subway. It has its own police.
It goes from a station walking distance from where I’ve parked my RV to downtown Camden, then on to downtown Philly. One stop is right near the Camden County Hall of Justice, Camden County Prosecutors Office and City Hall, the tallest building downtown Camden. So I have been taking Patco to where I have been picketing. The federal area is the next block over.
This morning there was a report on the news that there was a 20 minute delay on PATCO. Delays on Patco are very unusual. I wondered what’s up. I didn’t notice much up on the way. However a CC Sheriff patrol car rolled up on the sidewalk right where I was picketing a lot. I wound up giving a leaflet to that officer. However on the way back I saw what looked like a NJ State trooper get on a train and stand at the door as the train left the station. And there were 2 Patco officers at the exit.
This is an old covert trick. The idea is to set up a possible confrontation between the targeted person-in this case me-and the police. An anonymous call that gets the police roused. Who knows what. Bomb threat, loner with gun etc. You get the picture.
An example of this would be the confrontation between Lee Harvey Oswald and Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit. Tippet was shot dead by Oswald. But I strongly suspect Oswald was under surveillance during the JFK assassination. And was followed in order to make sure he was captured. An anonymous phone call to Dallas police describing Oswald and saying he was acting suspicious and had a gun, would have resulted in a dispatcher sending an officer in a patrol car-Tippit-to check it out. Oswald, being approached by a police car having just assassinated the President, OR having realized he was set up as the patsy-which he claimed, had to shoot the policeman.
Obviously the FBI/Mossad do not care about fellow police officers lives or well being. In their view they are mere pawns and are expendable.
I have recently contacted the Secret Service requesting protection pursuant to federal statute. They may have me under surveillance.
So will all you cops out there watch out for each other? I mean each other, not me, bumping up on each other. Compliments of the FBI/Mossad.
ADDENDUM 11/20-The confrontation between Oswald and Tippit I suspect was intended and planned. It wasn’t planned that Oswald would survive that confrontation. However I do think Jack Ruby’s shot at Oswald was spontaneous, as he initially claimed. Very unprofessional hit. Ruby was a known hothead and violent.

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