Open Letter to Presiding Judge

To: The Honorable Robert Millenky
Camden County Courts Civil Division
Hall of Justice, Courtroom 53
101 South Fifth Street
Camden, New Jersey 08103-4001

Dear Judge Millenky,

I am the person that has been picketing and passing out leaflets and talking with people across the street from The Hall of Justice recently. I have no attorney. I am presently homeless living in an old, dilapidated RV parked on a street in Camden County. I have been advised to write the presiding judge by the Court Administrator. I will post this on my campaign website/blog. Also send you a copy via regular mail and fax. I believe in transparency and do not want to be accused of an ex parte communication. I will send a copy to Newton Creek Mobile Home Park.(NCMHP)
I am an Independent/Third Party candidate for President since 2004. See: I bring this up first because I didn’t bring it up at my eviction proceedings because it should not have been relevant. However here it is directly at issue. I was evicted, I believe illegally, by Judge Laskin. I accuse the Judge of conducting highly irregular proceedings, rendering an illegal and immoral decision and evidently participating, knowingly or duplicitly in a conspiracy against Independent and third party candidates, parties, friends, family, supporters, even possible supporters by the FBI and the Israeli Mossad et al e.g. the Democratic party. I also believe the landlord conspired to receive a quid pro quo from the FBI.
I have been to the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney and have requested an investigation and requested to testify before a Grand Jury. I am dissatisfied with their response.
Therefore I request a Judicial review of this case.
I am also writing an Open Letter to the Camden County Sheriff in charge of the eviction. I will be requesting that he no longer enforce the eviction due to irregularities pending a judicial review/investigation. This would allow me to return to my lot-one of two I rented- in NCMHP, without being charged with trespass.
The other lot has been rented to a new tenant.
You may contact me by commenting on my blog. Or contact my last attorney of record in this case, David Podell of South Jersey Legal Services,
Thank you for your kind attention to this matter of great importance and urgency to me. I await your kind response.


Robert W. Milnes

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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