Some Clarification about Consent to Vacate Document.

True, I signed a document titled “Consent to Vacate”. I had no legal assistance. There was a default judgement. I was told that I would be evicted in three days unless I signed the document.
But, WHOA! Wait a minute. ASSUMING the judge is not corrupted in this case, I should be able to deposit the owed rent with the Court Clerk and get a stay and removal of the default. INSTEAD, the slick landlord convinced me to sign. The second line was to pay rent due. He said when I got the check from the Court clerk to hand it over, which I did. But I do not think this “Consent to Vacate” was made to be applicable along with a Court Order. i.e. it is not a document litigated via the Court. It is a “gentleman’s agreement” so to speak. An orderly transition of possession of the property without litigation.
I was suspicious of this document but without legal counsel or experience with it, I was not capable of sufficiently understanding it. I did not “consent”. I was lied to and manipulated. I believe upon accepting ANY money from me after default judgement would nullify the default. The Judge and landlord’s counsel had to have known that and the landlord should have and probably did in order to carry out such a fraud with a straight face.


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