I Would Accept a Military Escort To the Grand Jury to Testify.

I have stated that I would not accept an FBI escort to the Grand Jury to Testify. That would clearly be absurd. My complaint is against the FBI. It would be a clear conflict of interest for them. It is also a Catch 22. How can I be set up to testify by those who I would be testifying against.
Here is where the military could step in/intervene. It could be construed as a military aggression against the USA that a foreign government’s (Israel) agents come to the USA and attack (covert operations) U.S. citizens. Making use of illegal/unconstitutional FBI surveillance and intelligence (traitorous acts). The FBI aids and abets insulating itself from investigation including the investigative Grand Jury. The U.S. Attorneys further aid and abet by NOT using the Grand Jury for investigation and indictment of FBI agents.
The military could take over the Grand Jury from the U.S. Attorney.
This assumes that The President refuses to order my testimony and refuses to order the military to take over the Grand Jury. In which case the military must intervene. In the case of a witness such as myself, the military must escort me there and then offer protective custody throughout the proceedings, presumably on a local military base.
I would accept this.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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2 Responses to I Would Accept a Military Escort To the Grand Jury to Testify.

  1. The military does not care.

  2. I wouldn’t be so sure. Bruce Reilly and Carl Canzanese were ex military. So is the drug addict Mark D’Orio. So either the military is involved in covert operations against citizens or ex soldiers are being used without their knowledge or consent or permission. Either way doesn’t look good. However they could make amends by facilitating my testimony before a Grand Jury and/or taking countermeasures against the FBI and/or Israel i.e. The Zog.

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