Questions for Robert Milnes

IPR has dedicated a thread to question candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Because of his ban from IPR, Robert Milnes cannot participate.  However, he can participate here.

Please ask any questions you have for him below.

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39 Responses to Questions for Robert Milnes

  1. Very well, I will participate.

  2. I’d like to say a few things first.
    I’m banned from IPR. By Anonymous in July 2011. I believe Anonymous was paulie. Jewish.
    I was evidently banned from GPW Green Party Watch. Dave chwab reportedly ONLY editor.
    to be continued.

  3. Martin Passoli says:

    Are Frankel and Schwab zionists?

  4. Martin Passoli says:

    At you commented “Note I said Zionists, not Jews. BIG diference.”

    • Martin Passoli says:


    • To the best of my knowledge paulie and Schwab are Jewish but not Zionists. However they could be dupes, lackeys, agents, C.I.s etc. I believe they are something like that.
      Joshua Katz declares. Soon withdraws. Shortly thereafter Marc Allan Feldman declares shortly after I declare on my blog. Shortly thereafter paulie starts this debate among the declared deliberately excluding me. As if to say not only my candidacy but I personally do not exist/am irrelevant.
      Judge Laskin, landlord’s attorney Lori Goldberg, tenant(me)counsels Podell and Ginsberg, withdraw due to “lack of funding”. I get evicted.
      All this coincidence?

      • Also the U.S. attorney against me in the Deborah Knapp was Judy Goldstein-Smith.
        Judge James T. Giles. He illegally revoked my probation. Did somebody get to him?
        It doesn’t matter because the WHOLE CASE was bogus FBI crap.

      • Judge Giles is black. A moron. But not all blacks are morons
        Maybe he just decided on his own to kick a white man to the curb just because he could. Who knows?

      • Dude says:

        Sounds like you believe in a Jewish conspiracy.. not just Zionist. If Frankel and Schwab are not zionists, are they followers of Judaism as a religion? To the best of my knowledge, no. So the only sense in which they are Jews is having Jewish ancestry. That’s if Schwab even has Jewish ancestry; it could be German, or he may even be adopted for all I know. Frankel said he has majority Jewish ancestry, but is of mixed heritage and that his maternal line is not Jewish, which makes him not a Jew under Jewish religious law. According to his comments on IPR he claims his maternal line is native Siberian, which is similar to Native American “Indian.”

        But that’s all besides the point. If you believe in a Jewish conspiracy based on ethnic ancestry, as opposed to religion (Judaism) or ideology (Zionism, with most Zionist not being either ethnic or religious Jews, although there is substantial overlap among all these groups)….just say so…instead of misleading people by saying “Zionist…BIG difference” at Irregular Times. You must recognize that this opinion is disreputable, regardless of whether you think it’s correct, so you try to sidestep and say no, no, it’s Zionists, not Jews…BIG difference…but your words above show that this is a lie, and it’s Jews, not Zionists, after all.

        BTW, Katz never declared. He declared that he was exploring possibly running, and then decided against it. Feldman did declare, it’s true.

        Frankel’s phony debate is clearly just a deliberate attempt to sideline the candidacy of Kip Lee, who is being excluded from the sham debate along with other viable candidates such as you and Nathan Norman. But Kip Lee is the one the Jews are really afraid of. He’s on to them and their Ashtar space alien buddies, and he will make everything free, which means the Jews won’t be able to charge interest on anything. (/sarcasm)

  5. 1. What will you do to protect free speech?
    2. Will you ever support a ban on “hate speech”? Why or why not?
    3. Would you consider imposing travel bans or closing the borders in the face of global pandemic?
    4. Should private corporations be allowed to possess nuclear weapons?
    5. Who is your favorite president and why?

  6. 5. first. Anyone who knows me knows-Teddy Roosevelt.
    He bolted the Republican party in 1912 creating the Progressive party. If only-somehow-Wilson had bolted the Democratic party, running p to Teddy’s vp, that ticket would have been a fusion ticket and have eventually swept out all the democrats ad republicans.
    Our world would by now be a much better place.

  7. 4. No, that is absurd.
    My positions include phasing out ALL nuclear weapons. All radioactive material except when needed for medical or other very specific reasons.

    • There’s been a lot of speculation. Let me put it all to rest unequivocally. I am seeking the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. I am running as a stand-in for Newt Gingrich.


      Please join me on this journey.

      I do not need donations. But in the coming days I will provide flyers for supporters to print out and post in public.

      Libertarians, if you want to WIN in 2016, vote Nathan Norman for president.

  8. Answer for Andy Craig. Taken as an open question about running mates.
    Yes. My present top choice is Susan Hogarth.
    I have over the years approached many libertarian women about this.
    The ideal PLAS ticket is: m progressive p/f libertarian vp.

    • Dude says:

      Why would the progressive have to be the male? What if the progressive was the female and the libertarian was the male?

      Separately, what if the progressives had the VP spot, would PLAS still work? And what would the nazis get since you have now moved on from PLAS to PLAN-SS (or did you?)

      • I said the “ideal” ticket. Yes, lib/prog. would work. But would not be the ideal. Also f p/m vp would work, but not be ideal. Why ask the American voters for a lot more-female president , than necessary?
        The Nazis would get to caucus with the libertarians and run candidates uncontested by greens or libs on some ballots. No Nazis-or commies- on ticket.

      • Martin Passoli says:

        RM below, how do you determine what is ideal? And are you saying nazis would run as libertarians? Why would either nazis or libertarians find that acceptable?

  9. Robert Milnes is an FBI agent. He was turned when he got caught stalking the news lady. He attempts to make third party candidates look bad.

    • Dude says:

      You may have a point there. But then, you aren’t any different in that regard. How’d they get to you?

      • No. I’m not delusional about myself being qualified or even having a chance to win the presidency.

      • No, I was not a stalker. I was denied parole and maxed out of FCI Raybrook.
        There were attempts to kill me there.
        If I was turned they wouldn’t try to kill me or file 4246 indefinite civil commitmernt after sentence. They wouldn’t have maxed me out. I would have gotten parole. or Rule 32 sentence reduction/modification.
        Look up 18 USC Section 876.
        Also 18 USC Section 4246.
        Also 18 USC Section 2255. /Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 32(d).

  10. Dude says:

    Why is it significant that Judge Giles is black, or that various people are in some sense or another Jews? If you have a problem with Jews and blacks just say so instead of dancing around it.

    • I mentioned Giles is black so as to avoid any confusion about it.
      I mention these people because I have taken it up the ass for years. I’m getting sick of it. So I’m starting to name names and mentioning any pattern/s I perceive.
      It looks to me like the FBI has a policy of wink/wink, nod nod to let the Mossad do whatever it wants in the USA. Except perhaps kill/murder. Or at least keep it to a minimum. That would explain the fake deaths/funerals/burials/kidnappings.
      They use blacks (Giles) or police (JD Tippit) whenever/wherever they can.
      The Jews seem to support Israel regardless of personal politics. It is equated with their homeland/survival. So anything they decide to do is ok. In USA they surveil/suppress the third party movement because the reactionaries -democrats and republicans- support them zealously/generously. Hence I have been a target for decades.

  11. Dude says:

    Nathan Norman will come close to the level of suport Robert Milnes will get, but will fall a bit shy of it.

  12. Dude says:

    “I was evidently banned from GPW Green Party Watch. Dave chwab reportedly ONLY editor.”

    Schwab is the only one posting articles in recent months. Gregg Jocoy and Ron Hardy used to run GPW. I don’t think either one of them is Jewish in any sense. How long have you been banned there?

    • IIRC, it was a little after I was banned from IPR, July 2011.
      I had been commenting occasionally on GPW. Then I started having trouble posting the comment. I couldn’t get any answers about what was going on. So I eventually got the hint and stopped trying or asking.
      So there was nothing official by anyone.
      Unlike at IPR where one day Anonymous deleted a comment then said I am banned. Very few took up for me.
      I said I believed paulie was Anonymous but he denied it.

      • Martin Passoli says:

        Did he deny it, or did he say he didn’t want to say either way?

        As for GP: when did your problems there start?

  13. I have a question for all the other candidates. What is the length of your penis?

  14. My question to the other candidates:

    How do you plan to win the nomination?

    My answer:

    The convention will be held in Orlando. We will pack the convention with Newt and Barr people from nearby Georgia.

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