IMO A State of War Exists Between The UNITED STATES and Israel.

It is a matter of who is in power.
As long as the democrats and republicans are in power, they will allow Israel to use the FBI’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance to conduct covert operations in the UNITED STATES with impunity. These covert operations are allowed in order to distance the FBI from them. Because they are illegal and unconstitutional. However Israel also has its own covert operations in the UNITED STATES pursuant to its own agenda. Those are acts of war.
All kinds of things are going on. Shady financial and intelligence operations. Suppression of third parties and candidates. Kidnapping, murder etc.
The FBI protects Israel. The FBI is protected by U.S. attorneys who cannot or will not investigate. The U.S. attorneys control the federal grand juries. They will not present Grand Juries with evidence about the FBI or use the power of the Grand Jury to investigate the FBI. And of course the FBI will not hand over any evidence against itself or the Israelis to the U.S. Attorneys. Nor will Congress. Or the President.
So, here we are in a longstanding state of war with Israel. A war that will not happen. As long as the corrupt democrats and republicans are in power.
And the Israelis will continue to suppress the third parties in the USA and their candidates. They will continue to kidnap and/or murder U.S. citizens within the UNITED STATES. And of course they will continue to use American largess against the Palestinians to keep them suppressed.
If I am elected President, one of the first things I would do is neutralize Israel.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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3 Responses to IMO A State of War Exists Between The UNITED STATES and Israel.

  1. vernon1488 says:

    Reblogged this on 88FourteenWordPress.

    • Thank you Vernon.
      Have you considered supporting my protests against The Zog across the street from the Camden County Hall of Justice?
      Also in front of the FBI/US Attorneys/USPO building?
      You will be doing what the Green and Libertarian parties SHOULD be doing.
      I stopped protesting for the holidays and to give interested people a chance to do something. but I have heard nothing so I may resume soon.
      I have asked the GP & LP. Also the CCPD, Presiding Judge and assistant U.S. attorney for help with my eviction and to testify before a Grand Jury. Nothing …YET!
      I have made it clear that my position is that the NS party should be allowed to caucus with the LP.
      Long range forecast is for bitter cold (20’s) Phila area next weekend. So maybe the week after next?

      • vernon1488 says:

        I’ll have to support you from a distance. I live in Oregon and have many things to attend here locally every single day – business, wife, three kids and another on the way, dogs, chickens, goats, vegetable garden, etc., etc., etc. Out of state travel is out of the question for the next few decades. I don’t have a lot of time either as you may have noticed from me blogging less frequently, and all the money I make is needed right here at home. Unfortunately the best I can offer you is moral support.

        In the meantime you may find this comment from Libertarian Party US House candidate David Macko on my blog to be interesting:

        David Macko on February 9, 2015 at 5:01 pm said:

        “We need to awaken the American people before we are enslaved. We also need to be able to work with others who want to restore our country. As an example, I certainly support the principles of the 14 words, just as I would expect Blacks, Asiatics, American Indians, Hispanics and others to want to preserve their heritage. About the 88, not so much, but Hitler has been demonized to a great extent and Lenin, Stalin and Mao murdered many tens of millions more people than can be ascribed to his actions even by his most fervent enemies.”

        So as you can see we are well on our way in building a coalition of Libertarians and National Socialists and I appreciate you helping bring the Greens and Progressives on board too. United we will win!

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