Circumcision? Say WHAT?

WTF! No way, Jose! Get oudda here! Get away from ME! Dr…Mengele? Frankenstein? Are you kidding me? Are you fucking CRAZY?
FYI. I am a victim of circumcision. As an infant. My parents are Americans in America, gentile/Christians, not Jewish or Islamic. I hate it. I am FURIOUS about it! How did this outrageous, obscene thing happen to me?
Recently I have seen some reports on circumcision. e.g. 12/2/2014 involving CDC and P draft studies, 8/27/2012 American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology etc.
I beg your pardon, people. Circumcision is human genital mutilation for secret purposes involving sexual suppression/persecution. Perhaps it has been found to statistically reduce the incidence in certain disease transmission, but so what? Circumcision should not be the recommended treatment, cure or policy in the prevention of STDs. That is like preventing broken arms in children and adults by amputation at infancy of the infant’s arms!
Clearly that would be absurd and outrageous.
There will be no circumcision under a Milnes administration, of infants, children, adolescents(minors), male or female, FOR ANY REASON, anywhere in the world, with impunity. Or other sexual outrages such as Honor Killings or executions for adultery, rape as a weapon of war, etc.

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  1. This is great but when are you going to come out against faggotry?

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