Sophie Koski died on Sunday. Or did she?

Sophie Koski, 90, reportedly died on Sunday. Well, I got a call from her son Joe, asking to speak to his brother Bill. Bill has no phone since Sophie went to the hospital, then to a nursing home. He was using hers. I’ve been letting him use mine.
Joe called Sunday morning. He said that his mother had died. I assumed he meant that morning and would I get that message to Bill? Yes, of course. Sorry to hear that.
Bill and I have been hanging around together for almost a year and a half. Nearly every day. At the trailer park, I needed some help with the RV then other odd jobs. Bill was unemployed working odd jobs, mostly yard work. I lent him my weed whacker, circular saw and so on. During the polar vortex last winter, Bill got many a fire going in my wood stove. Helping me get wood, mostly oak pallets, stoking the fire, even cooking on it. Many evenings he loaded the stove and left me to fall asleep comfortably. Next morning I would take wood that he had piled next to the stove and fired it up again to cook breakfast. He’d stop by around noon when the fire was waning, clean out the ashes and fire it up again. And so on.
Now anyone who wished me ill or planned to attack me-read FBI/Mossad-, well Bill would be seen as an asset, now wouldn’t he? So, what about Bill? I wondered about this. If I am correct, Bill should get attacked in some way. Yet, nothing seemed to point at that happening. Should be plenty of opportunities to attack him, what with crime ridden Camden, NJ. But no, just about nothing worth mentioning. EXCEPT, his mom, Sophie, got sick and went to a hospital. Something about electrolyte imbalance from her meds. All seemed normal.
But Sophie didn’t get better. She got transferred to a nursing home. Still not better. Slowly worse. Then the oxygen. And I didn’t say to Bill, the last time I saw my mother alive, she was on oxygen. Then in a matter of days the phone call.
The thing is, this is forming a pattern. Anyone who helps me and/or my campaign, or even MIGHT help, eventually gets screwed with in some way or another. Several of these screwings are evidently poisoning to simulated death, fake funeral, kidnapping. Usually an elderly person and usually cancer.
I do not know Sophie’s cause of death. Some sort of general deterioration. Nancy Benson 2012, cancer, Dr. McFarland 2008 cancer, Ruth Blumenstein 2014 cancer, Doris Klinkenberg 2014 cancer, Pat Klinkenberg, 2000 cancer, Dr Diane Barton, 2000, cancer. Then there are others, Fred Milnes 2008 heart disease, Lisa Adamoli 2004 drug overdose,
Presently viewing and services scheduled for Friday morning in Woodbury, NJ. Followed by cremation.
Someone should examine this body to see if it is in fact Sophie Koski. I do not think it is. I think she has been taken somewhere another elderly woman’s body in her place.
Addendum March 13. The obvious question is why? Why do this? The answer is simple and the same as Doris Klinkenberg. To eliminate her as a possible supporter, personally more than politically. But more important, to provoke a reaction by her son, my friend. Some sort of reckless behavior involving drugs, booze and/or violence. Possible suicide.
Well, they can hope, can’t they?

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1 Response to Sophie Koski died on Sunday. Or did she?

  1. I always wondered why it’s always old people in the obituaries. It must be a ZOG conspiracy!

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