Stein Should Promptly Repudiate Barr, Bibi and Israel.

Recently Independent Political Report posted an article taken from Barr’s Facebook. see:
Jill Stein is the reported by Zog control media the presumptive front runner for the Green party presidential nomination in 2016. She and Barr were the frontrunners in 2012. Both are coincidentally? Jewish women. This close association IMO requires Stein to clarify her positions.
Barr’s pro BiBi, pro counterrevolutionary, theocratic Israel rant is clearly disoriented. Not only is whether Israel is a true democracy at issue in the first place, but Barr as an American leftist must have contorted logic to support Netanyahu, a longtime ultra rightist.
Stein should not tolerate this sort of political madness not only for her candidacy but for the Green party as well.
Does Stein support the Green party position of the One State Solution, as I do, or not?
Barr evidently supports the U.N Two State Solution, calling it “Isralestine”.
Netanyahu has stated that a Palestinian state will not be created via negotiations on his watch. So he doesn’t even support the antiquated Two State Solution.
Is Stein the Zog candidate for the Green Party for 2016 or not? Is Gary Johnson the Zog candidate for the Libertarian party for 2016 or not?
The Green and Libertarian parties are the only 2 third parties/Independents probably to get on enough ballots to theoretically win in the electoral college.
Stein -and Johnson-should promptly clarify their positions on Barr, Bibi and Israel, AS I HAVE.

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2 Responses to Stein Should Promptly Repudiate Barr, Bibi and Israel.

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