How the Corrupted Judge, Officers of the Court and Greedy Landlord Suckered Me and Camden County Police.

I and the Camden County Police assumed that the Court was conducting the usual business of administering justice. All seemed in order.
But when I was in Court alone and the Judge’s ruling which should have been in my favor, was against me, I knew something was wrong. My worse suspicions must be true. I ran into a Perfect Storm of set up against me.
Then one of the attending Court Police Officers came over to me and said I had to leave the front desk to the audience seats. It was done. I had my day in Court. I lost. Get over it. I was furious and probably was glaring at that evidently corrupted Judge. The Officer probably noticed that. I almost mouthed off at that Judge. Then at the Court Police Officer. But I restrained myself.
From my point of view that Court police officer was enforcing a corrupted Judge’s order on me. But to him I was probably just another unruly sore loser in Court. Precisely what he was there to suppress. I could not expect him to understand what just happened. A clear injustice. An outrage.
Here we differentiate between Officers of the Court-the Judge, prosecutor/plaintiff’s attorney, defendant/respondent, attorney. In my case, having no attorney, I was therefore my own attorney hence an Officer of the Court. And the Court Police Officers in attendance to keep the peace as it were. Further in my case, Legal Aid(, which had been my legal counsel, withdrew due to reportedly lack of funding. I was skeptical at the time. Now I am convinced that was contrived most conveniently. So I was alone, completely reliant on and at the mercy of, the Judge.
The next confrontation between me and a Court Police Officer was the day the Sheriff came to my door with the greedy landlord to order me to leave. Again, I could not expect the Court Officer(Camden County Sheriff) to understand what he was doing. The sheer injustice. It just isn’t considered part of his job to evaluate the justice. But it should be.
So that leaves the plaintiff’s attorney. She, and the landlord, should have known that this was an unjust ruling. She had a duty as an Officer of the Court to speak up at injustice. At misinformation. Mistakes, etc. But it was in their favor. So she, to her disgrace, said nothing.

To be continued…

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