Latest Attack (covert operation) Against Me by Corrupt Camden County Democratic Machine/Zog.

Allegation: 2 abandoned vehicles. To be towed away.
Sorry. Me vehicles and I might be some things, but not abandoned, by any common sense meaning of the word.
True, my van’s insurance has been temporarily suspended. Why spend $ on insurance when I will only be driving the RV. I’m towing the van to CA via CO. And its registration(plates) expired April 1. I think that was the trigger. Somebody researched me and found that out. Covert operation devised and planned. The town ordinance provides for an abandoned vehicle, unregistered and on a street or area of jurisdiction, to be advised (bright orange adhesive sticker put on driver’s window) then towed away in three days. Although the van was not parked on such a place, but on the back of one of the two adjoining auto repair businesses’ property. But why was BOTH vehicles stickered? The RV is legally registered, insured, inspected. I have a valid driver’s license.
Well, in the hubbub of towing at a towing business, nobody is going to notice or care or do anything about it being ILLEGAL.
A Collingswood police officer notified me of this on Tuesday, April 10. He seemed reluctant, almost apologetic. It was not his idea. He was assigned to this case read: covert operation. Shortly after he left I noticed the 2 stickers. The deadline was yesterday, Friday, April 10.
Well yesterday the van was in the one shop getting 2 new tires put on the rear. I need all the tires in good condition and freshly balanced so as to not break down on such a long trip. Again this hardly fits the meaning or intent an abandoned vehicle.
The sticker specified the street. I moved the RV well away from that street.
The van is ready to go. I’d like the front 2 freshly balanced but not necessary. The RV needs some more work. It stalls again. The shop owner gave me a good used tire for the driver’s side front to be put on. The 4 rear tires I had bought new so they are freshly balanced. And that’s about it. Both vehicles will be good to go.
Sure both could use more repairs. They are old. But they would be good enough to probably safely make the trip. And I need to cut down on expenses on my limited budget. The biggest expense from this trip should be gas and that has gone down recently. Sure I’d like to have new matching custom aluminum wheels on the front of the van, but I can make do with the original steel wheels! Not to mention body work and new paint! Oh Well, I’ll do without for now!.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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