Norah O’Donnell Gets Passover at CBS.

…by The ZOG Media Control?
Recently, Bob Schiep-Schieffer, host of Face The Nation, announced he is retiring this summer. On this morning’s show he teased that he would announce his replacement. That is CBS Political Correspondent John Dickerson, son of Nancy Dickerson. She was the first CBS woman correspondent in 1960. Schieffer introduced him.
Unfortunately for Norah, who was the primary substitute host of FTN since she came there from NBC in 2013, she has been evidently passed over for this assignment. She has actually hosted a few times as opposed to Dickerson who, to the best of my knowledge has hosted only once a few weeks ago.
Why did CBS choose Dickerson over O’Donnell, who was the evident Heiress Apparent? Could it have anything to do with me and/or my political campaign? O’Donnell knows about me and my campaign. She may even have personal feelings of support. She may have information about Nancy Benson and/or others who I have mentioned here at The PLAS Place. She may have information about what I call TV Surveillance. This may be streaming websites run by the military and/or DHS Department of Homeland Security on what is called The Deep Web. This is areas of the web not accessible by most search engines. Presumably one would need the exact address and security clearance, password etc.
O’Donnell may very well be a threat to The ZOG. If she were to be promoted as it were to host of prestigious FTN, she would have much more credibility, authority and political power. The ZOG cannot allow this.
I again call on O’Donnell and any others who have information about Nancy Benson, PhD, and/or Robert McFarland, MD both of Boulder, Colorado and others as described on my website, to come forward. I personally suspect they were poisoned to near death, fake funeral/burial, drugged, kidnapped and taken to very possibly Israel by The Zog. Also any further information about The Deep Web and/or TV Surveillance.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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