The Phenomenon of The Jews: Part 2. Is There a Final Solution?

This post and the previous post are a 2 part article. They are an ongoing project dealing with extremely complex and sensitive issues. Please bear with me.

Who are the Jews? Where did they come from? Are they a religion? A cult? Are they a race?
Why does it say “Arbeit Macht Frei” { Work makes/can make you/one free }on the archway over the entrance to Auschwitz?
These questions have not been answered to the best of my knowledge, certainly not to my satisfaction.
Not even the great Wilhelm Reich answered them in his classic The Mass psychology OF Fascism.
Evidently the German people through their government felt that the Jews had some sort of economic advantage and in a situation of economic peril and war, they were justified in taking from the Jews including their slave labor.
The Northern/Western PEMD was in Germany and correspondingly the Jews had wondered/migrated north. This is a World (United Nations) problem.
It may very well be the destiny of The UNITED STATES.
Also there may have been notice of a disparity of Jewish males migrating north from Rome/Byzantium and intermarrying with gentile women.
And of course there was religious conflict with the mostly Christian Germans and the Jewish “Christ Killers”.
Is it a coincidence that Karl Marx, a secular leftist Jew, wrote “Das Kapital”?
Einstein and Reich were also more or less secular leftist Jews.
What about rightist, orthodox Zionist Jews?
The creation of Israel is clearly a colossal mistake by the United Nations.
The newly formed U.N. right after the WW2/German/Jewish Holocaust, with HQ in NYC which Reverend Jesse Jackson called “Hymietown”
Another coincidence? The emerging economic capital of virtually the entire world.
Why are about 1/3 of present day Jews worldwide in the USA, about 6 million out of about 18 million, largely in NYC? Another coincidence?
The nullification of the relevant U.N. resolutions would create one state, Palestine, out of Israel and the West Bank. A secular state with a Jewish minority. This is the so called “One State Solution” which is the Green party position and mine. It is clearly the simplist, easiest fairest solution to the Israel/Palestine issue. It is extremely resisted by Israel as backed up by the USA in the UN.
The problem with the Jews is they have no homeland. They never were an indigenous population exclusively to a certain area/region/country. Jewish nationalists/Zionists are therefore in a complex dubious position. Anywhere they claim as a homeland is ALREADY occupied/claimed. They have rationalized Palestine as their homeland based largely on Biblical grounds. But the Old Testament is a ancient Jewish scripture, a blatant conflict of interest.
_skipping ahead-I have thought about this Jewish homeland problem. One idea that keeps seeming as a possible solution would be for the United Nations to authorize the construction of an artificial island. Possibly in a shallow part of some ocean. Possibly off the coast of N. Africa/Europe. It would be a huge, extraordinary project.
Subject to environmental, jurisdictional, climate, ocean current and shipping considerations. Not to mention as to whether it would be acceptable. This also presents the possibility of this island being divided into a Jewish half and an Aryan half. Note that approximately 6 million Jews died in WW2. About the same number of Germans also. This does not address the issue of the about 20 million Soviet dead in the war.
The main complaints against present day Israel are that it oppresses the Palestinians and interferes in the internal affairs of other nations. Most importantly the USA and most importantly the elections and most importantly the presidential elections. Here is where I am most recently and directly affected.

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