The Phenomenon of The Jews: Part 1- UNITED STATES OF AMERICA + Israel = Greater Israel…MUCH Greater.

This post and the next, The Phenomenon of The Jews is an ongoing 2 part article. They deal with extremely complex and sensitive issues. Please bear with me.

Yes, I believe the Zionists have thought this through. Long ago. And have made much progress towards fully accomplishing it. It may be a revision of Pre- WW2/Holocaust Zionist project Deutschland + Israel = Greater Israel.
Imagine an Israel more or less 10X as powerful as it is now. If it were to “takeover” or at least strongly influence the U.S. that would be the case. It may already be the case.
At this time I would like to introduce my PEMD Theory. That is political, economic, military disparity theory. Basically it notes the observation that since the beginning of human civilization as we know it, at certain times and places there is a disparity of PEM. The location then becomes the center or most important city or state. Beginning with Mesopotamia/Babylon to Egypt, to Greece to Rome and Byzantium to…Europe/Germany. This would be the Western half of the Old World. The Eastern half mainly involves China with a brief period of Mongol Empire. In the New World upon it’s “discovery” by Columbus there was a similar polarization between a west and east however it was more north and south Mayan and Incan empires. In the early 20th century it was Germany and Japan. Upon their defeat in WW2 The USA and USSR superpowers emerged.
WE can start with a general theorem developed by Freud and taken almost to completion by Wilhelm Reich, one of The Freudian Left by Paul A. Robinson: Reich, Geza Roheim, Herbert Marcuse. That is that all humans have neurotic illness. Further in addition, all higher animals, the vast percentage of all species. First Corollary: PEMD Theory. A derivitave observation: The Elites of any PEMD are in a position to hire people to do things that they would rather not do. At first it was simple slavery. Employing was preferred in certain areas. Financial transactions, religion, lawyers. etc. These people eventually became The Jews. In what was called Mesopotamia. Then Egypt. Eventually Rome and Byzantium. Genetic studies of Jewish origins and migrations show a disproportionately paternal pattern from Rome north to Germany. i.e. Jewish men migrated north following the PEMD. They would intermarry with the indigenous population with more females migrating subsequently.
to be continued…

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