Protest on Thursday; Pitch a Tent on Friday.

to be continued…

There is a grassy patch behind the newly installed trailer on H9, one of my 2 adjoining lots.
About big enough to pitch a tent.
This is where I had my RV and 2 storage sheds. Brand new storage sheds from Home Depot.
Cost me-my dad-about $1000 each.
Now, if I were to pitch a tent there, would I be trespassing?
Well, if I was legally evicted, yes.
But if as I claim I was illegally evicted, not so fast.
If the landlord or tenants called the Camden police, would they arrest me for trespass?
I do not know. I have asked the police not to.
Here at The PLAS Place and in emails. And leaflets in front of The Hall of Justice.
Now, if I were to park my RV on the street thereabouts, would it be an unauthorized vehicle subject to towing away?
According to the landlord it was even before my eviction. He put an Abandoned Vehicle sticker on it.
Once towed away into storage, the storage fees add up. The landlord could file a lien on the title. The greedy, lying, corrupt landlord.
That is one reason I wanted to build a garage. To put the RV inside.
Wait a minute. Do I really want to move back there?
Well, if the landlord was locked up for his stunt in Court and lies and stealing etc, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad there.
I am not a legal expert, but it seems to me a Consent to Vacate document is unnecessary in the event of a default judgement.
Downright fraudulent, I dare say.
Yet that is what I signed.
Without legal counsel. Without the participation of The Court.
Item #2 was the payment of $1415. That is about how much I owed. I paid that.
The document didn’t say what that 1415 was for.
Such an absurd document could only be sustained by a CORRUPT JUDGE.
Will the Camden police enforce an illegal, immoral Order by a Corrupted Judge and lying greedy landlord?
Or will they defer enforcement pending an investigation?
I don’t know.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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2 Responses to Protest on Thursday; Pitch a Tent on Friday.

  1. Harold Mandel says:

    In covert real life experiments on American citizens, which of course the US government denies, the US government has been experimenting with manners in which to mimic mental illness in people for decades. The US government has been using highly sophisticated space age satellite technology for these experiments on citizens, without their consent, of the same nature which is used on hostile, heavily armed enemy forces and terrorists. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more citizens have manifested emotions of hate in dealing with their own country, which the US government insists are symptoms of mental illness, when in fact such intense emotions of hate are to be anticipated in any normal people directed against any forces which torture them.

    The CIA and FBI have clearly felt over the years that allegations of mental illness are the most effective manner in which to neutralize the presence of perfectly sane radicals who are primarily poor on the planet and so they have invested heavily in covert experiments on the public aimed at mimicking mental illness in people. The like-minded diabolically insane American psychiatrists have supported this tyranny all along. In fact a primary criteria for US government support of Chairman’s of Academic Psychiatry Departments and Psychiatry Residency Training Directors across the United States is that they blindly accept US government covert policies of using psychiatry to manipulate the public with torture. Threats of withdrawals of US government funding for University medical centers are made if rebellious staff members are not pushed out of their jobs.

    Initially kidnappings to the mental hospitals, which are actually no different than political concentration camps, the highly toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs, beatings, rapes, isolation chambers, psychosurgery and swift, fixed civil court orders for psychiatric intervention used to legalize this barbarism were the primary arsenal of weapons used by the US government and psychiatrists against the random targets of this US government styled tyranny. In more recent years satellite transmitted electronic torture has also become a part of the arsenal of madness of the “US Psychiatric Torture and Killing Machine”.

    Sadistic US federal agents are paid huge salaries to sit behind computers which direct satellite transmitted electromagnetic waves into the brains of anyone in the country or overseas at anytime. The technology behind this is similar to the technology used for mobile phones and satellite TVs with the human brain being used as transmission and reception centers. And so not only has Uncle Sam been directing high powered electromagnetic waves into people’s brains in order to dangerously disrupt normal brain functioning and create abnormal thoughts and behaviors in people, these agents have also been using this technology to actually read people’s minds.

    All of this is used to drive people into states of hysteria mimicking mental illness. The apparent goal of the US government aside from pure sadism is to implement this modern day torture into initiatives to work with the psychiatrists to gain 100% control of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the public therefore completely dehumanizing the human experience in the USA and elsewhere. And when there are problems with some people who figure this out and fight back for a respect for the independence of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions the US government working with the American psychiatrists simply has them intentionally misdiagnosed as seriously mentally ill and intellectually compromised when in fact the victims of this tyranny are generally very intelligent and emotionally warm and stable people.

    As far as assertions by the US government behind closed doors that all of this is nevertheless has been used by many foreign powers against their own citizens too, although that may be true, nevertheless that does not excuse the United States from hypocritically ignoring the dangerous and painful violations of human rights associated with such tyranny. Far more otherwise potentially healthy and productive American lives have been tragically wasted by this modern day torture than have been alleged to have been wasted under the regimes of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Colonel Gaddafi in Libya , and these abuses continue at this moment across the United States.

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