Camden Police: Refuse to Cooperate with District Attorney, FBI and U.S. Attorney Until I Have Testified Before the Grand Juries.

The President’s visit left me alone in the dark.
But, it also shined the nation’s spotlight on YOU!
Do you like being used to enforce an illegal, immoral Order by a corrupted Judge in behalf of a lying, stealing landlord, all planned and executed by FBI traitors and Israeli Mossad murderers with the corrupt Camden County Democratic Machine and the Mafia thrown in the mix?
Are you looking forward to unfair U.S. elections in 2016?
Everyone in the Third party community already knows the elections are rigged.
Because that is what the President left you in the bag you are holding.
I’m sorry. I’m very disappointed in The President.
I thought he was going to, while perhaps not mentioning me or Judge Laskin or Judge Giles for that matter by name, perhaps announce a reevaluation of the U.S. policies towards Israel, an investigation into FBI and Mossad operations in USA. Review my cases, determine whether I should testify before the Grand Juries.
Refuse to attend Judge Laskin’s Court on Thursdays- Landlord/Tenant Court.
He cannot conduct Court without police attendance.
Refuse to enforce Judge Laskin’s Orders.
This illegal, immoral eviction could not have been accomplished without police enforcement. You were used, manipulated, duped. I assume.
Since one of Judge Laskin’s Orders is questionable, all are then unreliable.
If corrupted once, all other of his cases must be suspect.
There is no excuse that I have not testified before the Grand Juries. Negligence, corruption. Cover up.
This is urgent. Remember, if I am correct, people have been poisoned, kidnapped-to Israel?-drugged? Brainwashed.-told a false narrative explaining their kidnapping. etc.
These people must be rescued asap.
The corruption of the U.S. elections must cease.
I must testify asap.
I will not accept FBI excort to Grand Jury. The FBI is disgraced, discredited.
I will accept Camden police, U.S. Marshall and U.S. Attorney escort.
With or without the cooperation of The President.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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