State of Emergency in America.

Last week when the President visited Camden on Monday, then the Adas Synagogue on Friday, and nothing related to my situation changed, I knew the whole country was in deep, imminent peril. It may be too late.
The Jewish problem is huge, international. Hence the United Nations involvement. The Jewish problem is intimately involved in the Freudian/Reichian concept of the mass neurotic illness of humankind. The Holocaust was just as much a German catastrophe as Jewish catastrophe. We may be deeply on course to repeat history. An American catastrophe
It is common knowledge in political circles the the Jewish lobby in America is very powerful and influential. The problem comes where influence approaches degree of control. Israel is close to or has achieved a degree of control in America that the USA has become an extension of Israel. That is VERY dangerous.
Where does all this Israeli influence come from? Mostly from The UNITED STATES itself. The influence of Jewish Americans and pro Israel politicians in power-the democrats and republicans.
Americans make the same mistake the Egyptians did, and many others over the centuries, including the Germans. They give the Jews tasks that they-or rather their elites-would rather not do. And they can afford to pay and pay well for the Jews to do those tasks. Starting with moneychanging. Financial transactions. Especially large financial transactions. Commodity transactions. The more valuable the more the Jews are given involvement. Gold, silver, jewelry especially diamonds. Clothing, especially furs. Then the law. Not only lucrative lawsuits but also legislation hence in America we see a disparity of Jewish politicians. The entertainment industry. Millions of dollars to be made. And the media. More millions plus the political power of controlling the media.
Remember, in America there is about 1/3 of the Jewish world population. About 6 million out of about 18-20 million. Another 1/3 more or less are in Israel. The rest are scattered around the world in Diaspora, but mostly in the Middle East and Europe. Very few in Asia or South America or Africa esp south of the Sahara, a natural barrier. i.e the poorer parts of the world.
So the Jews accumulate wealth/capital. Hence they are in a disproportionately advantageous position to have economic advantage e.g. business ownership. This explains the Krystalnacht, the breaking of Jewish owned businesses front windows. They seek political power. In prewar Germany there was talk by Zionists about where to locate Israel. And how.
Note that Israel has a big problem with low birth rate. Low birth rate is associated with a high standard of living. The opposite is also true: a high birth rate is associated with a low standard of living. The world Jewish population was about 18 million in prewar world. So, despite the Holocaust, world Jewish population is stable, virtually ZPG.
And yes, for you sci-fi fans, this puts me in the role of Steve McQueen in The Blob! The Blob being Judaism. It feeds on fellow beings and their wealth. It grows.
In that movie Steve finally convinced the local police to act. That is what I am hoping for. The Feds seem too under Zionist control. Including the President.
The ZOG.
To be continued. I have a LOT more to say here.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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