My Opinion of Judaism.

Now that I have realized my political attackers as primarily the FBI and the Mossad, I have done some supplemental research on the Mossad and Judaism.
The FBI I differentiated between the necessary and appropriate FBI functions and the rogue surveillance and covert operations. However the Israeli counterpart to the FBI, the Mossad I do not.
I find Israel to be illegitimate, a well intentioned but faulty creation of the United Nations as urged by Zionists. I find that Judaism is an ancient phenomenon associated with the mass human neurosis particularly capitalism. To call it a religion is being generous to a fault. It’s main contribution is that it was uniquely monotheistic. In more recent times it has proven to be a grave menace to civilization, especially since Israel has nuclear weapons and much military power and is a strong influence in the United States, which also has much economic and military power. Its contribution to the causes of WW2 are insufficiently understood but probably great.
Evidently after WW2, Jews have immigrated about evenly to Israel and the UNITED STATES. They have, whether deliberately or via their propensity, accumulated disproportionately their economic and consequently military and political power.
The 2016 elections are already in grave jeopardy. The winner will be a ZOG democrat or republican.
Don’t be surprised if Israel seeks federation with the U.S.
Don’t be surprised if Israel gets the U.S. involved in another war, very possibly with strategic nuclear weapons and/or chemical or biological weapons.
I find their gene pool to be unremarkable except in its unique non homogeneous nature. This is unlike most if not all others which consist of one clear indigenous pool with perhaps incidental influxes from neighbor immigration or other anomalies. E.g. poles are Polish living in Poland. Japanese are Japanese living in Japan etc. Whereas Jews are largely of mostly Middle Eastern descent but have incorporated gentile genes from northward migration after the fall of Rome. Also anyone can convert or declare themselves Jewish.
If we are fortunate, the U.S and the U.N. will solve the Jewish problem soon. I have suggested quarantine of the Jews to an artificial island. Perhaps Jerusalem can be governed by some sort of religious based solution, much like The Vatican. The Jews must not be allowed to have their own country on already claimed land. This is the lesson of Israel. And they must not be allowed to infiltrate another existing country, especially a rich and/or large/superpower type country e.g. USA. Or Russia. Or Brazil. Or to take over or invade a smaller country e.g. Palestine. Perhaps the Seychelles.
In one short sentence, I find Judaism to be an ancient, antiquated parasitic cult.
Fortunately the Jews have a low birth rate. Perhaps they will disappear over time.
Of course I understand that my writing about the Jews and Israel and the Mossad and the FBI. is politically dangerous. But my political situation is already politically dangerous. I’m also thinking about testifying before the Grand Juries and/or Congress asap. and rescuing Nancy and the others on my List of the Disappeared.
I’m just hoping the American people wake up…in time.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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