Norah O’Donnell Target of Amtrak Derailment in Philly.

One of two.
The bullet or stone into the windshield was just the excuse to get the FBI brought in.
The whole thing reeks of covert operation. With a foolproof patsy. Brandon Bostian, the engineer.
Bostian has a reported history of complaining about railroad safety issues. A legitimate speculation could be that Bostian may have deliberately derailed the train in order to make some sort of misguided pro safety statement.
He clearly acted alone in the cab but may have been influenced. By an FBI associate. To be groomed for a covert operation.
The object was to get O’Donnell in or near Philadelphia.
So I would be tempted to contact her and be promptly pounced on by the FBI.
This worked against me in the Deborah Knapp case.
It would take some sort of catastrophe, terrorist attack or mass killing to get O’Donnell off her morning desk chair. e.g. the Newtown Connecticutt massacre. which she did cover spontaneously.
Catastrophes by covert operation are fairly simple and easy to accomplish when you have almost unlimited taxpayers dollars, supercomputers and think tanks.
And it almost worked. I thought about going to her as soon as I heard she was there. I was very tempted.
Of course the agency would have to feel confident it would not get back to them. The patsy MUST be certain.
And of course the injured, dead and damage, oh well. Necessary and inconsequential.
This is how these people think and feel and act. Insane. Criminally insane.

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