William S. Saturn Announces in IPR Comments He Is Going on Hiatus

See Independent Political Report.


Several comments in this article. None since 2013. All of a sudden Eric Sundwall writes May 29 8:27 am, Anything more up to date on IPR about this?
Eric Sundwall is known by me to be a WSS free speech, RWM/PLAS supporter. If anyone is capable of figuring out what happened to WSS in or around August 2013, it would be him. Someone wants to disappear WSS to avoid any questions or a request to conduct another poll.
Yes, right around late August 2013 something happened to William S. Saturn. There were some emails sent by his “brother” to several people including me and Jill Pyeatt to the effect that WSS was in the United Kingdom and this unnamed brother would take care of WSS’s affairs until otherwise noted. I finally came to the conclusion that WSS was kidnapped and his online presence taken over by someone-or something: a supercomputer program. It was about this time that I found out Nancy Benson had died after a year of cancer. I did not believe that either. Nancy must have been kidnapped also. Her illness and funeral fake. Most likely she was poisoned to imitate cancer symptoms.
How many others have been kidnapped? BY who? Why?
Answer either and you have both answers. By the FBI in collaboration with the Mossad. In order to sabotage any possible legitimate third party campaign that would threaten the democrat/republican duopoly.
WSS May 29, Post Author, 1048pm If anybody does this, it won’t be me. I’m going on hiatus for the Summer.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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3 Responses to William S. Saturn Announces in IPR Comments He Is Going on Hiatus

  1. Andy says:

    His “brother”? His *big brother*, perhaps?

    Lets get Eric Sundwall on the case! We need to get to the bottom of this zionist-masonic reptilian false flag conspiracy from outer space!

  2. Eric Sundwall,
    Sorry. Watch out that you don’t disappear next.

  3. Tropical Storm Bill (Saturn?) says:

    Aint it curious that Tropical Storm Bill (Saturn?) made landfall right at William Saturn’s house? Just like Hurricane Sandy (Hook?) made landfall right where Robert Milnes parked his RV? Is the government creating tropical storms to silence dissent? Did someone tip off William Saturn, forcing him to go on “hiatus”. We demand answers. Someone needs to investigate the government’s creation of tropical storms/Hurricanes.

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