Donald Trump Target/Victim of Israeli Covert Operations?

Over the years I have watched, as we all have, Chelsea Clinton grow up. I speculated about her love life-who she would wind up with. Maybe even a lesbian relationship. As the only offspring of the Clintons, just about the closest thing to American political royalty, she would be very much in demand by suitors I thought. And of course I knew I didn’t have a chance and certainly didn’t want or need Secret Service scrutiny so I never tried to contact her. But I did speculate.
A tall, virile , RICH young protestant white man seemed most likely. A democrat of course. Or maybe she would throw herself at a Secret Service agent. But you never know with women.
Needless to say I was quite surprised to hear she hooked up with a Jewish man. Slowly I thought about it; it did seem anomalous in the least. But this is America after all. And none of my business. But slowly my thoughts came to What if this was not just another coincidence? Just another JEWISH coincidence? Like ALL the Court officers in my eviction being Jewish. And my friend with the -formerly-high I.Q. having a Jewish woman doctor at the time he contracted ADEM 2005. So what if I was a target/victim of Israeli covert operations? As a progressive activist and presidential candidate I would be a natural enemy of this sort of counterrevolutionary theocracy.
Not too long ago I read that Ivanka Trump, the Donald’s daughter, had married a Jewish man and converted to Judaism. —I think from now on I am going to spell it with a small j because I consider it to be a cult not worthy of capital lettering.—At the time I thought, much like Chelsea, just a coincidence and this is America and none of my business.
But wait a minute. What if there is a HUGE jewish conspiracy? Including intermarriage with RICH, politically powerful Americans, and Europeans? It certainly would fit in the pattern of jewish penchant for money and political power having a VERY HIGH priority THROUGH the centuries. It would be a viable strategy to counter a low birth rate also. Then all of a sudden it would become my business if the accumulated wealth and political power were then AIMED AT ME and my family, friends, supporters. The entire progressive movement, the entire third party situation in America.
This of course is hugely ironic for the democrats and republicans. Their blind, knee jerk support of Israel is leading to the judeaification of their ancestry, e.g. Trump’s German ancestry now being morphed into jewish. And their patriotism for America being morphed into a Greater Israel instead of America. Their wealth going to synegogues and/or Israel and their jewish relatives and descendents. Almost funny in a way.
Not to mention jewish revenge on Germany, Europe and the USA.
Hey Donald, gonna get circumsized?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to Donald Trump Target/Victim of Israeli Covert Operations?

  1. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    Put all your trust in Allah, and all will be well.

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