Camden Police: What About YOUR Honor?

When we attend Court we address the judge(s) as “Your Honor”.
I addressed Judge Laskin as Your Honor. NEVER AGAIN!
Bring on the Contempt of Court charge.
When Mr Laskin ruled against me in an illegal, immoral ruling for a greedy lying landlord, he splattered his robe and bench with the filth of corruption.
Somebody got to him. It wasn’t just a flawed ruling.
And when he splattered the corrupt filth around some got on the Camden Police badges, uniforms and shoes.
How do I figure that? Well, as it stands Camden County Police attended the Hearing in which the Judge ruled against me in favor of the Absurd Document, Consent to Vacate. After a default judgement.
AND a Camden County Police officer came to my door with greedy thieving lying colandlord Kevin Vallen and ordered me to leave.
AND Camden County Metro division police I assume stand ready at the point of a gun if necessary to charge me with trespass should I go to my lots.
IMO in order to cleanse their badges and uniforms and shoes of the filth of corruption from the Judge, and the landlord and landlord’s attorney, and restore their Honor, Camden Police must go to their union and declare a consensus that they will no longer cater to Mr. Laskin. Attend his Court, Enforce ANY of his Orders. And will not charge me with trespass if I or anyone with me go to my lots.
Also Camden Police should not intervene should I or anyone else go to the grave of Ruth Blumenstein in Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ to exhume that coffin under controlled, supervised circumstances. Videocameras, media, witnesses etc.
The County coroner/medical examiner had to sign off on this body as being that of Ruth Blumenstein, death by cancer, being shipped from Florida. I do not think the dead body of Ruth Blumenstein is there or ever was. In fact I do not even think she is dead. Along with several others. I think she was poisoned, kidnapped and fake funeral and burial.
I think they are in Israel.
This indicates corruption on at least a County government level.
The reason for all this corruption involves the Presidential elections.
This indicates corruption at the federal level.
Camden Police should refuse to cooperate with the District Attorney, FBI and U.S. attorney until I have testified before the Grand Juries.
Camden Police: Will you restore YOUR Honor, or not?


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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