Reflections a Few Days After Birthday.

I have been wondering how much of my life has been my life and how much has been the consequences of unconstitutional, illegal, immoral domestic surveillance and covert operations.
For example, I have no wife, children. No girlfriend. Never have. But there have been women in my life that have evidently involved covert operations. I written previously about some. Nancy Benson has evidently been poisoned, kidnapped, fake death, funeral, burial. Cheryl Lewis, said she was in communication with the democratic party in Boulder, CO. Dr. McFarland started acting mentally ill after spending time with her. Next I know he is dead from stomach cancer. Lisa Adamoli died from a drug overdose reportedly. Dr. Diane Barton died from cancer. Pat Klinkenberg cancer. Who knows what may have happened with these women and how many others? I had considered trying a sexual relationship with Ruth Blumenstein.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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