Two Graves Targeted for Impromptu Exhumation.

By impromptu I mean not usual, not customary.
An exhumation is usually accomplished by Court order by official personnel from the coroner/medical examiner, investigators etc.
In this case the County and federal officials are evidently corrupt and are the subject of the investigation.
The investigators are family and friends of those who have been the victims of heinous crimes.
The graves selected are that of Ruth Blumenstein in Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ. And Nancy Benson of Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado.
So far the investigators are myself, my uncle Billy, Ruth’s son-in-law, and Bill, Sophie Koski’s son. I will be asking Mark, Doris Klinkenberg’s son and Pat Klinkenberg’s brother. He is the germ warfare victim. Also Aleasha, Ruth’s granddaughter.
The plan is to hereby announce this dual exhumation. I and Bill and Billy are in Camden County. We will proceed as we are ready. I will ask others to proceed in Boulder County including Mary, Doris Klinkenberg’s other daughter Of Fort Collins. And Susan and Brian, Nancy Benson’s daughter and son-in law of Windsor. Susan can provide identification and dna sample.
I ask that the Camden County and Boulder County police be present but not interfere. Be on the alert for disruptions and covert operations.
This is not grave desecration or desecration of jewish remains. True, Ruth Blumenstein is jewish. But Nancy Benson is not. Aleasha Stinglen is part jewish and my first cousin. She can identify Ruth as I can but she can also provide genetic material for identification tests which I cannot. Neither can her father.
When we are ready we will visit the graves. Then proceed to dig them up. Whereupon we will try to identify the body. Also get body material for dna analysis for identification purposes.
I believe there is the body of an elderly woman in the grave heavily made up but not Ruth or Nancy. I believe they have been drugged and kidnapped. Most probably by Israeli agents and most probably taken to Israel. Under what conditions I do not know.
I believe this is related to suppression of third parties in USA and controlling the Presidential elections.
This is my fourth cycle of involvement in the Presidential elections as a third party candidate.
I request anyone who is interested in this situation to join us.
I invite the press/media and social media.
Stand by for further developments. Here at The PLAS Place.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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9 Responses to Two Graves Targeted for Impromptu Exhumation.

  1. Jerry K. Jones says:

    “I ask that the Camden County and Boulder County police be present but not interfere.”

    And do you have any basis whatsoever for thinking they will honor your request?

    “Aleasha Stinglen is part jewish and my first cousin.”

    Would she be among the 6 millions US Jews you want to round up and forcibly deport or do part Jews get to stay?

  2. I have on this blog made it an issue of Honor.
    If the police interfere, I say that would be dishonorable-support of an allegedly corrupt County coroner/medical examiner vs. a citizen pursuing an investigation and justice.
    I’ve done the same with the issue of enforcing judge laskin’s order of eviction. Should I return to my lots and be arrested for trespass.
    WE WILL SEE WHAT THE POLICE DO. In reaction to what I do.
    Perhaps. This is all to be decided after a U.N. AND Presidential review of the international phenomenon of the jews and the problems involved.
    I believe the jews define part jewish as jewish. Whether they practice Judaism or not.
    It would not be my decision.
    I’m simply looking for a reasonable solution to this problem. I do not want to live in constant fear of being attacked IN AMERICA by agents/operatives of another nation. Bad enough American DHS/FBI agents without them looking the other way at Israeli agents. And jewish Americans are too easily manipulated to support Israel OVER USA. see judge lee laskin v. Robert w. milnes complaint on this blog.
    The jews claim to be descended from the middle east area. Perhaps a solution would be to return them to the middle east. That would reverse their diaspora for one thing. It would confine their gene pool. Why send them all around the world to intermarry and further complicate matters?
    The creation of Israel by U.N. resolution is not working.

  3. Jerry K. Jones says:

    “WE WILL SEE WHAT THE POLICE DO. In reaction to what I do.
    Perhaps. This is all to be decided after a U.N. AND Presidential review of the international phenomenon of the jews and the problems involved.”

    Ah. Thanks for clearing that up. So, the UN/Presidential review of the Jews first, gravedigging and Occupy Camden Trail Park afterwards, if at all. Got it.

    “I believe the jews define part jewish as jewish. Whether they practice Judaism or not.”

    It is matrilineal. If the mother is Jewish the child is Jewish. If the mother’s mother’s mother…etc. A child of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother is not considered Jewish, at least by Jews.

    The Christian Inquisition considered Jews to no longer be Jews if they renounced Judaism and pronounced themselves Christian.

    Hitler considered anyone with any part known Jewish ancestry to be a Jew, with individual exception in a small number of personal cases.

    “Perhaps a solution would be to return them to the middle east. ”

    Some other part of the middle east, but not Israel? What part, if so? And why would that work any better than Israel does where it is now?

    “The creation of Israel by U.N. resolution is not working.”

    The UN didn’t create Israel, it recognized it. Israel won its independence from the UK through revolution and defended itself immediately after that in a war against several neighboring Arab nations that did not acknowledge its right to exist or the partition lines.

    If the UN ceased to recognize Israel it would still be a nuclear power, would still have the Mossad and the Israeli army, hundreds of nukes, all sort of conventional and unconventional weapons, etc, etc., so it’s not so obvious that the UN or anyone else could force Israel to do anything. Israel won several war against multiple enemies on all sides simultaneously, so why wouldn’t they be able to do so again?

  4. I prefer to time stamped video of the gravedigging etc. so as to have evidence that is reliable. Chain of custody etc.
    Jerry K. Jones, I see that you are well informed and your braggadocio is noted.
    No, the gravedigging and trespassing will be asap.
    “The U.N. didn’t create Israel, it recognized it.” Semantics, Jerry. You must be jewish because they are good at semantics. Actually you sound a lot like my nemesis from IPR, paulie banali.
    Why don’t you come out from the pseudonym, paulie?
    The U.S.will force Israel to comply with U.N. resolutions, if necessary. Take that to the bank.
    I’d like you to admit that Israel is a major world problem. Israel is standing directly in the way of a progressive movement in the U.S. Not to mention standing on the backs-literally- of the Palestinians.
    Yes, Israel has probably about 100 nukes. They are useless against the U.S. Israel would be wise to surrender.
    I would suggest some sort of special U.N. citizenship for jews. That they be distributed more or less evenly around the middle east. Anyone who attacked any U.N. associated people would be subject to severe action.
    I note how you mention the Mossad and the Israeli army in the same sentence. So if the Mossad attacks me in the U.S., that is comparable to the Israeli army attacking me?

  5. Jerry K. Jones says:

    I’m Irish,but thanks for playing. Not sure why you think I like Israel. I was talking about facts, not feelings.

  6. Irish name yes. Who else but a jew would brag about Israel’s military prowess- glommed from the USA-instead of admitting Israel is a menace counterrevolutionary theocracy and international pariah nation.

  7. Gravedigger Ernesto says:

    Señor Milnes I would like to go to el cemetery with you to dig up graves. We’ll split the loot. Meet up with me. I’ll show you the dead chihuahua I found in Nancy Benson grave. I took photo of it with el phone. I have job in Camden next week so I’ be there. Mi amigos have shovels. Let’s uncover the truth esse.

  8. Jerry K. Jones says:

    Still unclear why you think it’s bragging. I’m describing a situation, not opining whether it’s good or not. If you’d asked what I thought, I’d have told you I don’t give two shits if Israel sinks into the sea, and might even raise my glass if it happened, but you didn’t ask.

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