Bob Milnes In the Movies?

Let’s see. So far I have put myself in The Blob as Steve McQueen. And Slaughterhouse-Five as Billy Pilgrim.
How about Stalag 17 Sargeant Sefton? William Holden.
Well, I’m not such a hustler…let’s say entrepreneur. But I am in a sort of Third Party (Reich) POW/concentration camp. All sorts of characters including spy/saboteur. And the prisoners/sheep get to bad mouth even beat up(figuratively) on me. I was snitch jacketed in the halfway house. But I am vindicated in the end. We’ll see.
Any others?

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12 Responses to Bob Milnes In the Movies?

  1. Gravedigger Ernesto says:

    ¿Where the fuck were you gringo?

    We waited at the cemetery all morning and afternoon and you stood us up. Mis amigos and me are pissed at you holmes.

    • Gravedigger Ernesto says:

      We with the Latin Kings motherfucker. Keep that in your tiny mind perro. Now you better be at the cemetery tomorrow morning. We not asking.

  2. De De says:

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? What About Bob? Psycho? I Spit on Your Grave? Clockwork Orange?

  3. The Simpson’s character has not been verified.
    Psycho? I’m sorry, I don’t think I resemble Norman Bates OR Anthony Perkins.
    Never heard of I spit on your grave. I’ll research it.

  4. He may have meant “I shit on your grave.” Gravedigger Ernesto put it on Youporn. It shows Ernesto and his buddies giving each other Cleveland Steamers at the cemetery.

  5. Some of the guys wear Robert Milnes masks. It is all very disturbing.

    • Gravedigger Ernesto says:

      Fuck you gringo. I don’t even have a youtube account. Robert Milnes again did not come to the cemetery because he is a cowardly fuck. We dug up the graves anyway and took the loot for ourselves. He got jack shit. And there is a man buried in the grave Roberto is so obsessed about. We left a present in there in case Robert grows some cahones.

  6. Lol at Milnes thinking he’s Steve McQueen when he’s actually the blob.

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