Latest Suspected Covert Operation Against Me.

I just found out my first cousin, Pamela, has moved into one of the two apartments above the Newton Creek Mobile Home Park office. She has 2 special needs little boys.
Now, if I try to return to my lots, the landlords, Ray Michitti and Kevin Vallen can threaten me with evicting her.
I had heard that Pam was involved with her ex-husband and new boyfriend and drugs/booze. Also that she was evicted from her house/apartment. She was in touch with my other cousin Karen, who lives in the trailer park also. Karen and Pam are half sisters, having the same father, my deceased Uncle Bob.
So I contacted Karen and asked her about it. Karen said she agreed to take care of Pam’s turtle which she has had for 10 years. She put it in an aquarium with water and stones and put it out on her porch. Her porch is right next to the maintenance building. The two maintenance men are drunks and druggies and thieves. They had a real good time helping themselves to all my stuff that I had to leave behind when I was evicted. And Karen and Dave are drunks also, just to be fair.
Anyway, the story went that the second morning of the turtle on the porch it disappeared. Karen and Dave suspected the maintenance men. So she went to Kevin, an ex-cop, to complain. Kevin investigated and learned that one of the maintenance men was drunk and took it upon himself to “return” the turtle to the creek, alleging it was too hot and neglected. Subsequently Karen mentioned that the turtle’s owner needed a place to live, was anything available? Kevin said he felt bad about the turtle so Pam could move into the available apartment.
Does ANY of this sound turtly-I mean fishy, to anyone but me?
Kevin is the one I went to more than once complaining that the landlord can have the rent OR the eviction, but NOT both, in my case. He said Ray was good at what he does and figured out how to do it. And he was sticking with Ray. Besides, the Judge signed off on it. So it must be ok.
Yes, I thought, the jewish prick judge signed off on it.
This tells me that Kevin was moved recently into co ownership of NCMHP by the FBI. He has at least one FBI connection. Who has at least one Mossad connection.
This whole turtle story makes it sound reasonable that Pam moving into NCMHP was purely coincidental. NOT.
Kind of like Oswald getting a job at the Texas School Book Depository was purely coincidental.
These DHS/FBI and Mossad and their operatives and lackeys are good, real good, at what they do.
Now, I discussed this with my Uncle Bill, Karen’s and Pam’s uncle. He is very experienced with the drug/booze world as a recovered person. I told him I wanted to discuss my suspicions with Pam. He advised me to not get directly involved as the ex-husband and/or boyfriend might get violent. I realized that yes, that is probably part of this operation’s intentions. So I decided to not get directly involved. But rather post this article.
MAYBE, just MAYBE, people can begin to understand what I have been going through over the years with the DHS/FBI/Mossad on my back.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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