Comparing My Situation to Cosby Victims.

There are many similarities.
Significant surveillance followed by stealth attack.
Well, maybe The Coz didn’t necessarily rely on surveillance. Sure, he probably checked out a lot of talent before making his move. But if he came across some pretty pigeon, all he needed was a few ludes, and he’s good to go. Already at the Playboy mansion, easy pickins. Just some smoothe as pudding sweet talk about him helping her career and she’ll go anywhere for further discussion. Once there no further discussion necessary. Just a drink laced with powdered lude is all a dude needs. And this is a lone wolf operation.
Whereas the dhs/fbi/mossad invest years into surveillance. Every operation formulated and ordered and supervised by a think tank. Usually involving a team of operatives.
The Cosby victims took years to even realize they had been attacked. Years for one, then a second then a few to come out with their story/accusation. Met with silence, skepticism, derision etc. Finally, a flood of accusers with pretty much the same story.
That is what I need. Others to realize they’ve been attacked. To Come out with THEIR story/accusation. Validate my story/accusations.
Do you think you have been spied upon by the dhs/fbi/mossad? Been a victim of a dirty trick or other covert operation? Write about it here at The PLAS Place.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to Comparing My Situation to Cosby Victims.

  1. Augustus von Nostrum says:

    Dee Focking Jooze. They Put A Sheckle In My Stroodle.

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