Update on 2 Possible Impromptu Exhumations.

My working hypothesis so far is this:
The DHS/FBI/Mossad I’ve already stated, are good-very good at what they do. So, in anticipation that one of their fake burials might be exhumed, they arranged for the kidnapped person to be substituted by a similar corpse. Then after the viewing, cremated it. Then put the remains in an urn within the coffin. That way, if it was exhumed, the remains can’t be identified. It could be explained by a mistake, accident, misunderstanding. Several possible suspects. Really fuzzy circumstances, especially with the passage of time.
So, my prediction is that if exhumed , the coffin of Nancy Benson, Ruth Blumenstein et al-my list of missing persons, will contain an ash urn.
Today I visited Ruth’s grave.
The grass around it does not seem to me to be recently disturbed.
I hypothesize that grand jury testimony has been that the 2 graves in question have urns in them, not a corpse.
Evidently someone at CBS News knows where Nancy Benson is. Alive and…, well, under what circumstances?
What are the odds that BOTH Nancy and Ruth were “mistakenly” cremated?
There wasn’t supposed to be any connection between these 2 upon investigation. From THAT side. In this circumstance we are investigating from the other side.
The connection is me. The person is a supporter or could be supporter of mine and/or my campaign.
I say we exhume the coffins to see if an urn is there as predicted.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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