A Covert Operation Non-Starter?

As I have written, I have been living in an old, run down RV for the past over one year. But it is a working set of wheels. A little hard on gas. It also is a roof over my head. I really don’t have much alternatives in Camden County other than a homeless shelter. Or I could leave to CA.
Fortunately the RV has a good motor, and trans. It starts right up and gets around. Motor runs smoothly, especially after warming up. Doesn’t make noises or smoke etc. Really, it starts right up every time for the past few months.
So imagine my surprise when it all of a sudden wouldn’t start last evening. Cranked like a bear, no smell of gas so I don’t think I flooded it. Haven’t flooded it for months. New battery, must be ok. Starter and solenoid must be ok. I just got gas the day before and I checked the gas gauge-1/4 tank. New high performance Holly carb, new fuel pump and fuel lines, gas tank removed and cleaned an new valve and lines and inline fuel filter installed.
So what is wrong? What happened to it so suddenly? I really don’t know. Perhaps the cat chewed on a wire under the steering wheel essential to starting or pissed on the fuse box exposed there. Possible, but doesn’t seem likely.
So I called my uncle who has a lot of auto mechanic experience. And I called the mechanic that owns the shop that worked on it. I also consulted my Haynes manual.
None of the 12 possible troubleshooting items seemed to fit. It sounded like a bad coil, #12, but my mechanic said he put a new coil in. Bad gas? Teenagers put sugar in tank? What?
Then I got to thinking after my uncle and I discussed the coil. It make high voltage for the spark plugs. Most of the rest of a vehicle is low-12 volts or maybe 120 in a few places, especially in an RV….What if there was some way to neutralize the coil high voltage from a distance? What an excellent covert weapon. Spy v spy or spy v target, a spy could neutralize any vehicle and the target would just get frustrated and seek other transport. Call for a ride, taxi etc.
But here I am stuck in Walmart parking lot. There is an ordinance specifically aimed at the Walmart shopping center forbidding certain vehicles including rvs overnight. 12-6am. There is a ticket, and possible towing away and/or removal of persons staying in vehicle.
So, here I am, waiting for my mechanic to tow it to his place where he really doesn’t have room for it.
If this is a covert operation to screw me, it is pretty good.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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