Oh No! Another Jewish Judge? Another Covert Operation?

The judge in the rv non-starter case is Audubon Municipal Court Judge Shimberg. I have been before him before, years ago.
One case with the previous police officer as this time, Gaspari 1027, was dismissed. Turns out he charged the municipal ordinance on scavenging when in the dumpster involved was not municipal. In this new case, Gaspari has charged parking an RV in Audubon when there is a special section dealing with Audubon Commons-Walmart shopping center allowing 3 additional hours. 12 midnight-6 not allowed as opposed to 9pm-6am not allowed. I believe it has to do with Walmart being open until 11pm.
The question still remains: Was the non starting rv a covert operation?
AND, since I have notified the Court that I plead not guilty, what will the Judge do?

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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3 Responses to Oh No! Another Jewish Judge? Another Covert Operation?

  1. You are a paranoid, anti-Semitic lunatic, and no political party should give you a moment’s serious consideration.

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    LOL! That’s what Judge Giles put on my various pro se petitions for relief. Phony FBI/Mossad case against me in U.S. District Court E.PA. 1985. My lawyer federal defender Ed Weis, jewish, I think was a dupe. He called psychologist Joel Glass, jewish, who helped get me convicted. My first experience that I know of with FBI traitors/ Mossad murderers was the year before, 1984. An assassination attempt. In a bar. See State of NJ v Bruce Reilly. Boy did that backfire! Poor Bruce, they say he is dead now, stabbed to death in a bar. He might not be.
    More recently my friend with high I.Q. contracted ADEM encephalitis in 2005. Jewish doctor Amy Solomon, Boulder Creek, CA. Before that they kidnapped his sister, Pat,-I allege-and faked her cancer, death and burial. Also his mother, Doris in 2013. At the same time as I was being evicted by jewish judge illegally, with jewish landlord’s attorney, jewish legal aid 2 lawyers who bailed leaving me alone in court. i.e. ALL officers of the court except me pro se jews. At this time Ruth Blumenstein, jewish, also “died” from cancer. My uncle’s mother-in law, his daughter’s, my counsin, grandmother.
    If the Greens and/or Libertarians really want to win, they will listen to me.
    So, would you like to help me & my uncle and daughter and another friend who’s mother also “died” in 2014 dig up Ruth’s grave?
    And also the grave of Nancy Benson, PhD, Boulder, CO. Also “died” of cancer in 2012. My former girlfriend in the 70’s.
    I say there in no body in the coffin but an urn of ashes. Those of the SUBSTITUTE dead body placed in there for viewing to fool the poor bereaved.
    But if they were kidnapped, not murdered, well then I guess the FBI barred the Mossad from murdering-in the USA. Which means the FBI tried to kill me in 1984.
    So, go ahead and support counterrevpolutionary theocratic murdering Palestinian oppressing IsraHELL, you poor slob.
    BTW, wee have someone in common-Tim O’Brien.

  3. Are you the same Ken Kaplan that ran for NJ Gov for the LP?
    I proposed a PLAS solution for that race that was totally ignored.
    You lost, right? LOL!

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