“Radical” Physics Professor George Phillies Threatens to Call Security if I Try to Participate in Scheduled Presidential Candidate Debate

It is about 3am Sunday morning. At about 9:30 pm Saturday evening I called the good professor who is moderating this debate in Worcester, Massachusetts on October 17. He publicized the phone number and I have been following this and other developments in IPR and other sources. I will try to recount the conversation paraphrasing as I did not record it or take detailed notes.
Hello this is George Phillies. Hello George, this is Robert Milnes calling. I’m calling about the debate. Is it too late to call? [referring to hour of the evening not day of month] No. Well the criteria are you must be a member of the party, Constitutionally elegible, get here yourself, filed with FEC and have a webpage. Oh, I have all but one, FEC filing. I understand there is a discussion in IPR about these criteria. Will Darryl be there? He has declared that he will not file with FEC on principle. Well, there are presently 3 scheduled speakers, Kerbel, [Darryl] Perry, Feldman, and maybe a fourth. Who are you again? We have a bad connection. Robert Milnes. We met at the NJ/PA convention in 2008. There were 10 there. Oh yes, I remember you. I wasn’t sure who I was talking to. Well we want credible candidates and three would be enough. [There are 26 listed on politics1] Well, what are you saying George? I can’t come? I will not be allowed in? Are you going to make me crash your debate, George? Well if you do come here you are not invited to speak and I will call security. Well I guess you will have to call security George because I am going to try to come. HANG UP by George.
Well, this didn’t go as I thought it would. I thought George would him and haw but eventually give his ok. What with the discussions in IPR and LNC and the few scheduled speakers so far. What if only 1 or 2 or NONE of those scheduled actually show up? Wouldn’t it be better to have as many of the 26 as possible attend or at least say they will?
I was going to verify that there was no registration fee for speakers as there was such a fee in PA in 2008. That didn’t even come up. Also I thought my campaigning for not only the libertarian nomination but the Green also might be a problem. Didn’t come up. [Actually all libertarian and green candidates already campaign for the nomination of other parties. Should the LP or GP not get certain ballot access another party could provide it. Nader built up his ballot access this way.]
I’m sorry, but the good professor has put himself in a bad position. How can he claim to be a libertarian , radical even, and not allow a bona fide candidate in the debate?
Please call Professor George Phillies at 508-754-1859 with your opinion on this.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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