Police officer, jewish Judge No Shows at Audubon Municipal/Traffic Court

Well at least I assume Judge Shimberg is jewish. I didn’t get his first name or why he was not present. The substitute Judge, Robert ? I didn’t get his last name, I also am not certain of his religion. And of course I know that in America one’s religion does/should not matter, whether judge, jury or defendant. But…that’s not the
reality of the situation.
Evidently the FBI has recruited the Israeli Mossad in it’s illegal/unconstitutional domestic surveillance and covert operations against third parties and their candidates, which I am one. In my eviction the Judge, Lee Laskin, is jewish I believe. And why is whether one is jewish or not is such a secret? I’m really sick of that. I find myself looking up biographies on Wikipedia constantly trying to find out of so and so is/was jewish. Dinah Shore, yes, Steve Jobs, no. etc. And the Mossad can evidently approach ANY jewish American and get them to do just about anything, as long as it is tied in with being favorable to Israel. So if a covert operation is conducted in a jewish judge’s jurisdiction, they are confident they will ultimately prevail in any litigation.
I got the ticket on Saturday night/Sunday morning Sept 19 about 3am. Written at 11:23 pm. The violation was overnight parking at Walmart. The ordinance cited was the general Audubon ban on rvs parking overnight on any street 9pm-6am. However there is another ordinance, which I had previously gotten a ticket for rv parking overnight from 12 midnight to 6 am. in Audubon Commons. Walmart is next door in Audubon Crossings shopping center. I took that to mean that the Audubon Commons ordinance applied to Audubon Crossing also. OTHER THAN THIS TICKET the Audubon police never cited me for parking up to midnight, which I usually did. I got the ticket because my rv wouldn’t start on Thursday evening, Sept 17. IT had been starting up very well reliably for months. It started without any significant repairs on Sunday evening about 10 pm. I decided to give it another try before giving up for the night. I immediately left the shopping center. It has started well reliably as before since. …!!! WTF?
This prompted me to write “Oh NO! Another jewish Judge? Another covert operation?” The rv motor started well reliably ever since I first saw it started. Except for when it stalled out. THAT was the problem. Not that it wouldn’t start, but that it stalled out after starting. Finally that was repaired to the point that it would idle indefinitely without stalling, but stall soon after put in gear, BY Beideman Citgo Auto Repair.. This was eventually repaired by Matthey Automotive with extensive, expensive repairs. New Holly high performance carb, new fuel pump, new ignition, gas tank cleaned and new valve, new metal, oversized fuel lines, new coil etc. I put in a new high performance battery. After all this it started well and reliably and did not stall in gear.
And all of a sudden it won’t start? Not even a sputter, backfire or pop? Nothing but r,r,r,r,? I became suspicious. Wouldn’t YOU?
So now, was this a covert operation? Why is this officer, Gaspari the only one willing to write me a ticket? Why did the rv start starting again out of nowhere?
Gaspari didn’t show up to court either. I had notified the court clerk that I was not pleading guilty and paying the fine. That would be end of story-except, whoever was behind all this gets a do-over. Now I have to modify my schedule and location for parking rv so I can visit my dad in the evening. The prosecutor should have withdrawn the charge. But no, he got me to request a continuance. Until I can PROVE that the ordinance should apply to BOTH Audubon Commons AND Audubon Crossing. Come on! I should have pleaded not guilty and moved for dismissal. The judge granted a two week continuance. I WILL at that time plead not guilty and move for dismissal.
The ultimate goal here is to get the rv impounded and deprive me of the only roof over my head. Who would want that? Who would have the capability to accomplish that? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count!


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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2 Responses to Police officer, jewish Judge No Shows at Audubon Municipal/Traffic Court

  1. When are you going to write about the faggotry problem in the Libertarian Party? Look at IPR it is controlled by two faggotarians Zed Jiggler and Andy Craig. They are constantly removing my insightful comments. They are ruining the Libertarian Party by flaunting their faggotry and encouraging fag marriage which promotes incontinence, constipation and excessive flagellance. How is the country supposed to survive this feminization of males? They are falling into the trap set up by Socialists and Communists who promote faggotry to weaken males then seize power and ban faggotry. Notice how Jiggler and Craig always post Socialist shit on IPR. They are plants using faggotry to ruin libertarians and this country. This is a big issue and someone has to bring it up.

  2. Stormfronters for Ron Paul says:

    Good point Nathan Norman. The Jews are behind the Socialists, Commies and Faggots. Jiggler and Faig are a couple of faggots who have faggot commie jew Frankel’s faggot hands up their faggot butts. They are just puppet fags with no souls. There is no place in Valhalla for any of these disgusting homos. Right thinking Libertarians should join the PLAS Space, Nathan Norman, Joe Wendt and Augustus Sol Invictus, cleanse our country of these Jew, fag, commie scum and Make America Great Again. We need to deport the Mexicans and other spics, ship the blacks back to Africa and fire up the ovens for liberty! Hail the new dawn!

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