Libertarians Care About the Homeless!…??


Libertarians in Dane County, WI also had previously had Food Not Bombs demonstrations there.
Yet, one of their bona fide candidates -listed on – for their presidential nomination, Robert W. Milnes(myself) is homeless and has been for well over a year. I have posted about it on this blog MANY times. Gone into excruciating detail about how it happened-illegal eviction- and emailed many people and groups about it including the Libertarian and Green parties and their officers and activists.
VIRTUAL SILENCE. aka CRICKETS. Some drivel from Jill Pyeatt about how I am mental and responsible somehow. Coverage by The Saturnalian, an obscure rag that just about nobody reads, but should. Matt Chalko expressed amazement or something. paulie, my main detractor at IPR, was so thoughtful as to list homeless shelters in my area. But he left off the LOL! at the end. That’s about it.
WHY is this so?
Why am I the wrong one and mental, not the greedy landlord or the judge? If we are radicals then the entire system must be suspected to be unreliable.
But no, the landlord must have been justified, the judge must’ve issued a jurisprudent-not corrupt-ruling and I must be at fault, mental, or both.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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