Protests at Camden County Hall of Justice to Resume Soon; Colestown Cemetery to Start Pending Impromptu Exhumation.

Leaflets see: I have asked people to attend. Across the street from Camden County Hall of Justice weekdays from 8 a.m. to about 9am. Especially Thursdays which is landlord/tenant court day. Then assembling at Colestown Cemetery at the intersection of Kings Highway and Church Road, Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ. FRom 8am to noon(?). This is a major intersction with a long red light so passing out leaflets to stopped vehicles is possible.
I stopped protesting last spring. For several reasons including I was concentrating on making arrangements to move to CA. Now I am close to making that move and Mark K. is coming to NJ to help me finish getting squared away and both driving west. So I though some more trying protesting before leaving might get some results, especially if Mark joins me.
Mark is still recovering from the ADEM germ warfare attack. I do not think he completely realizes what I am saying happened. Sort of like the delay by the Cosby victims. Mark does not realize that I am saying that not only the FBI/Mossad was behind his ADEM, that also his mother (2014) and even his sister (1999) are not dead and buried but were poisoned and kidnapped, their feneral and burial faked.
The same applies to Ruth Blumenstein (2014) and Nancy Benson (2012). Ruth is “buried in Cherry Hill. Benson in Boulder, CO.
All these people and several more have been attacked by the FBI/Mossad because they are my family, friends, supporters, campaign supporters OR WOULD BE.
I believe I have been under intensive surveillance and covert operations since at least 1972 when I first got involved in third party/opposition politics. Certainly since 1973 when Dr McFarland befriended me in Boulder, Colorado.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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One Response to Protests at Camden County Hall of Justice to Resume Soon; Colestown Cemetery to Start Pending Impromptu Exhumation.

  1. Bears tend to be violent and kill. But not all bears are violent and kill. Is it rational to fear bears?

    IPR censors arguments like the one above that go against its PC narrative.

    Pass it on.

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