A Preliminary Proposal on The Final Solution to The Jews.

Israel is a counterrevolutionary, racist theocracy.
Over the centuries it has been found that the theocracies do not work well. So civilization has gradually phased them out. But a few still persist.
Israel has always been a goal of the Israelites in the Old Testament. It finally was achieved by United Nations resolutions in 1947. That is the partition of the British mandate in Palestine. There was supposed to be a subsequent Palestinian state but that has been suppressed-by Israel. As backed up by the UNITED STATES with its veto.
It has taken me quite some time and many a bad experience to finally formulate a solution to the historic, worldwide problem of the jews. And it is worldwide. The jews via Zionism certainly had a role in WW2 involving the instability of the German state and economy. Presently Israel represents a permanent, omnipresent threat to peace in many areas complicated by the secret but generally accepted consensus that Israel possesses nuclear weapons.
Personally, my main problem with Israel is that as an American third party candidate for President, I am subject to secret fbi/mossad surveillance and covert operations.
I propose that the U.N. rescind the resolutions. This would leave the one state solution, unified, secular Palestine.
Further the U.N. creates a Vatican like state for the jewish religious hierarchy. Based in Jerusalem.
Further U.N. statehood via this hierarchy.
Further, all member states be required to accept a number of jews based on certain criteria. This would create an equalized, supervised Diaspora.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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15 Responses to A Preliminary Proposal on The Final Solution to The Jews.

  1. How will you determine who is Jew? Many will lie. Will you have an agency perform penis examinations?

  2. Circumcision, male and female, is an evil, sick, godforsaken thing.
    We will be rid of this pestilence.

    • Marlon Areola says:

      I prefer the circumcised look. Very aesthetically pleasing.

      When you become president will you appoint me as cock inspector?

  3. Scars are aesthetically pleasing?
    You are brainwashed by The ZOG.

  4. Marlon Areola says:

    When circumcised it has a head and a face. It is beautiful. Nevertheless I will support your program if you make me cock inspector. That is a dream job.

  5. Marlon is a dumb faggot. Ignore his faggotry.

  6. Big Dawg says:

    Stab, gas or shoot all the jews and burn all the faggots at the stake! Feed mohametans to starving pigs and deport all the illegals. Milnes/Norman or Norman/Milnes 2016!

  7. Big Dawg says:

    What, Big Dawg, you think be da only Big Dawg? Nigga please.

  8. Big Dawg says:

    My bad Big Dawg…I meants to say you think YOU be da only Big Dawg? Nigga please.

  9. Big Dawg says:

    Hells yeah Big Dawg, that be me!

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