The Beginning of the End of Israel? Part 1.

Part 1: Stab-or Shoot or Ram Vehicle into- All Jews?
This is the question. This is what my life and my campaign has come to. Should I or Should I not, endorse random violence towards the jews? I do not know.
It is clear to me that Israel has a huge control/influence in the UNITED STATES. It is clear the dhs/fbi is coordinating surveillance and covert operations against the third parties in America with the Mossad. It is clear the Mossad can recruit just about any of the 6 million jewish Americans at just about any time for just about any reason. It is clear the dhs/fbi/Mossad will not stop this. Nor will the Israelis stop pressing their advantage against the Palestinians.
Presently there is a low level uprising involving mostly Palestinian youth involving mostly random stabbings of Israelis. Occasionally there are shootings. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is going to Israel about this in order to try to stop it.
What if this began to happen in the UNITED States? Would it be possible to alleviate the situation? Would the American people DEMAND relief for the Palestinians AND the American third parties? I do not know.
Would I be subject to investigation, indictment, charges and arrest if I were to endorse these kinds of Palestinian actions in the UNITED STATES? YES!…well, wait a minute, not so fast.
The last time I was arrested by the fbi-in 1985 in Philadelphia-it made local headlines and started out a huge prosecutorial success. I was persuaded against my better judgment to plea bargain. NEVER AGAIN. I was a very different person then. I have had 30 years to learn and grow and experience things. I had never even been into a federal court for any reason before. Now I’ve been there, done that, many times over. And I’ve seen the outrageous things that go on and still be called fair and just. They won’t catch me flat footed in U.S. Court ever again. And if it still unfair and unjust, I will say so, and a LOT of people will hear me.
Do I have a Constitutional right to free speech? Well, yes, except that if I speak it will be surveilled and used against me in covert operations. Is that really free? Do I have the right to self defense? Well, yes, as a defense against criminal charges. Does that include a preemptive strike against a certain conspirator who would attack me via covert operations? It should, but will it in the U.S. under these circumstances?
Would a jury of my peers convict me of a violent crime if I claim it is in self defense? I do not know.
I am not a violent person. But I believe everyone has their limits. In adolescent victims of bullying, it can result in suicide. Does the dhs/fbi/Mossad hope I will commit suicide? I think yes. I think the covert operations against Doris Klinkenberg and Sophie Koski had the intent to cause collateral damage of drunken suicide of their sons. Is this any less violence than stabbing or shooting someone?
At U.N., Israel Blamed for Spread of Terror Across the Region

The Obama Administration and the Anonymity of Jewish Death by Abraham H. Miller, Emeritus Professor of political science at the University of Cincinatti and a senior fellow with the Salomon Center for American Jewish Thought.

Would the United Nations accept an application for recognition and membership from ISIS? A counterrevolutionary, racist theocracy (caliphate).
Why does it continue to accept Israel? Because the UNITED STATES blocks any such actions with its veto, virtually alone in the world.
IT IS A HUGE EMBARASSMENT AND OUTRAGE which is surely a major source of terrorism against the U.S.
Israel is one of-if not the-major sources of terrorism in the world. Israel is a counterrevolutionary, racist theocracy. Jewish Americans are home grown terrorists against its unsuspecting citizens.
-to be continued?-

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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