The Beginning of the End of Israel? Part 2.

President Obama: You Could Do It.
For years, decades, Israel has been existing by a thread. A single motion in the United Nations to rescind the Resolutions creating Israel if passed would leave…Palestine. A unified, secular state. This has not happened ONLY because the United States has not done it. It is purely a political decision of the reactionary parties in power, the democrats and republicans. Israel returns the favor by taking illegal surveillance of third parties by the dhs/fbi and implementing various covert operations to suppress them.
Such a motion would surely pass- overwhelmingly.
The President should immediately withdraw State Department Secretary John Kerry from the region and from the attempt to revive the peace talks. Kerry is of partly jewish ancestry which presents an appearance of conflict of interest. His whining about Palestinian terrorism is as old as he is and played out; an embarassment. They are moribund, thanks to Israel. There is very little hope for them, which is realized by Palestinian youth. Hence their present feeble uprising of stabbings etc.

On the other hand, the enormous, disparate wealth and political power of the jews in America and its suppressive effect on third parties in America goes virtually unrealized by them. That is where I come in as a third party presidential candidate for the fourth time. Upon pointing out the obvious huge obstacle Israel presents to the third parties I get variations of: Huh? The fbi wouldn’t do that. Israel wouldn’t do that. You are insane! Or *crickets*. They are oblivious! Clueless! It is maddening!

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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