Open Letter to My Fellow Americans re: 2016 Elections.

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I would rather be videotaping this near my very warm wood stove in my custom garage. But all that is gone upon my illegal eviction. Now I’m living in an old, run down, cold, drafty rv. Home is where I park it.
Short said, our elections are rigged. Unfair. Fraudulent. Unrepresentative. Corrupted. Hypocritical.,
Our elections are among the worst in the world. Oh, sure, everyone has the right to vote. Voting is conducted properly. Ballots tabulated accurately. But the whole process, the whole system is so flawed as to render any outcome unreliable. And we, the UNITED STATES, actually send observers to various elections and promote free and fair elections in our foreign policies. Even President Carter, Nobel Peace Prize winner in this area, is terribly misguided.
One of our most recent ventures into overseas free elections were the ones in Iraq. A total debacle.
The longstanding 2 party system is in the least grossly unrepresentative. About 50% of the American people are not democrats. About 50% of the American people are not republicans. Most recent polls count independents as the plurality or even majority. Reality is about 1/3 of people are reactionaries-democrats, republicans, centrists e.g. Reform party. About 1/3 rightists of some kind, nationalists, Constitution party, etc. and about 1/3 leftists of some kind. progressives, Greens, socialists etc. The libertarians claim to be neither right nor left. But actually are a kind of mixture. Certainly NOT centrist.
to be continued…

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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