Albert Einstein: The Essence of Genius.

Harris publications, NYC.
This is taken from page 47: “…The Field Equations of Gravitation…”
“He would come to call it the greatest accomplishment of his life. Paul Dirac, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1933, said it was probably the greatest scientific discovery ever made.”

No, I beg to differ. The greatest scientific discovery ever made was accomplished by Einstein contemporary Wilhelm Reich at about the same time. That would be the discovery of radiating bridges in bions, as written in The Cancer Biopathy. I have verified the existence of radiating bridges in paramecium, earthworms and garden slugs. And humans.
This is what makes Reich’s discovery greater than Einstein’s. That is how it relates to humans. In Einstein’s discovery, it related to humans very indirectly almost exclusively in the scientific/military world. Culminating in the atomic bomb. Whereas in Reich’s discovery, it was directly related to living organisms, fairly easily connected to humans. Although about 40 years later by another person(me).
Time magazine named Albert Einstein “Person of the Century”. Again, I beg to differ. I believe it is essentially a tie between Einstein and Wilhelm Reich. Time missed this. Einstein was a genius in the field of physics. Reich, metaphysics. Biosciences, medicine, psychoanalysis. These are the two great components of the Universe. Time missed this. Further, Time also missed the HUGE coincidence that BOTH these men were jewish of the mid European region(Germany, Austria, Ukraine). AND leftists of some sort, AND died only 2 years apart and nearby, Princeton, NJ and Federal Penitentiary, Lewisburg, PA, USA.
Einstein born March 14, 1879, Ulm, Kingdom of Wurttemberg, German Empire. (now Germany)
died April 18, 1955, Princeton, NJ USA
Reich, born March 24, 1897, Dobrzanica, Galicia, Austria-Hungary. (now Ukraine)
died November 3, 1957, Lewisburg, PA, USA

What is ultimately the most important consequence of scientific discoveries is whether it can radically alter the general malaise of the human condition. Many scientific discoveries are often quickly used to help in some way. But one, a “silver bullet” is needed, to fundamentally alter the human condition. That would be the discovery of radiating bridges, and that they COULD be found in humans. Both Einstein and Reich COULD HAVE accomplished this, but failed, although Reich came VERY CLOSE. But even the discovery of Kirlian photography failed to make the connection of auras and human biosexual energy.
The energy part of human biosexual energy is what COULD have been discovered by Einstein. Specifically his observation that an object as it approaches the speed of light, time slows down relative to itself. The human interactions of thought, emotion and physical body are clearly time factored. The longer it takes to perceive something, physical pain or emotions, we say the less sensitive the person is. The quicker one can articulate what one is feeling, physical pain-OR PLEASURE or other emotion, the more aware we say one is. Einstein COULD HAVE MADE THE CONNECTION that humans are in a certain time frame that could be altered for the better. Likewise, Reich COULD HAVE followed up on the bion experiments with observations in nature specifically paramecium, earthworms and garden slugs. That radiating bridges COULD be found in humans COULD have been extrapolated.
What was needed at the time of Einstein’s letter to Roosevelt was a second, follow up letter. That Einstein thought the field equations might apply to humans in their psychological/psychiatric make-up, (Reich’s “character structure”). Further, a mention of Reich’s work to the President. And a letter by Reich to the President, that he was close to finding answers to fundamental questions about human nature that could be used for the better of mankind. This might have brought forth something from the President, an inquiry, study, commission etc.
What actually happened is that Reich contacted Einstein and persuaded him to try some }”orgone” experiments, which of course failed.
Further, it could be postulated that the jews, as a phenomenon, occupy a certain socioeconomically privileged niche in western civilization. At the turn of the 20th century Germany was clearly the most advanced socioeconomically and militarily nation of them. So the jews are disproportionately at the avant-garde of socioeconomic progress in whatever country or region they are predominantly in. Going back to Rome/Byzantium, Greece, Egypt etc.
Now we must decide whether the phenomenon of the jews which has produced Israel, is to be allowed to continue as is. Whether it is worth the costs to humanity to continue the status quo. Clearly Israel is a huge factor. It is a counterrevolutionary, racist, apartheid theocracy. It actually would suppress jewish American leftists such as Einstein and Reich. It is suppressing the American left as it is suppressing ALL American third parties. So the existence of Israel is a major factor in continuing the status quo of the human condition; a clear powerful obstacle to any progressive, leftist, revolutionary change. The ONLY hope of humanity to radically alter the human condition.
Hence my conclusion that Israel must be neutralized ASAP by and through the UNITED NATIONS, from whence it came.


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