Open Letter to President Obama re: Palestine/Israel and Bions.

Greetings, Mr. President.

Evidently the task of properly informing you of these two items has by default fallen to me. No one else seems to be doing so.
These two items are most worthy of Presidential notification and action since at lease May 14, 1948. That is the date the British Mandate in Palestine expired, British troops left and Israel was proclaimed created. At about this time Albert Einstein had long had his work in physics produce the atomic bomb and was at The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. And, another scientist, perhaps even greater than Einstein, was at his own facility near Rangeley, Maine, studying something even more important than atomic energy, Orgone energy. He described observing what he called “radiating bridges” in “bions” in his The Cancer Biopathy. see: Einstein: The Essence of Genius
Mr. President, I implore you, please, take a fresh look at these two items. You, days ago, spoke about terrorism. Israel is, I assure you, one of the, if not THE, most terroristic states in the world. Likewise I assure you, Orgone energy, radiating bridges and bions do exist.
At issue are two of the must urgent, important and longstanding and revolutionary problems of human kind today. It befits a President to act on them asap.

Robert W. Milnes


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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