More on Solo Male Masturbation Shows on Surveillance TV.

I have written previously about this. I have stated that I believe there is a surveillance system via tv. For example law enforcement could verify the presence of someone in a house via a tv screen. Whether it needs to be on I am not sure. Perhaps enough energy could be transmitted via the antenna/video in system to maintain a picture. Evidently a video image can be obtained whether the tv is on cable or satellite or air digital etc. Perhaps the picture can be enhanced by irradiating the target with UV. Evidently the video is live streamed on The Dark Web. I’m not sure about the details.
If you would like to see surveillance tv, I would recommend asking someone who has access to it to assist you obtain it. That would be NSA, NSC, DIA, upper level military, DHS/FBI and Mossad agents, most upper level media people like tv anchors and reporters and management. Congresspersons…?
Anyone with access can watch me on tv surveillance by accessing the video stream whenever I am near my tv. However, If I would like to watch while a tv reporter or anchor is watching me, I have to watch when they are live on the air. There must be a monitor with my streaming video in the tv studio. I repeat, I have no video transmission capability. So I have developed a schedule for local and national tv live shows, mostly news. Presently the schedule for a Show is M-F from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. Also Noon -12:30pm. This is to accommodate my favorites, Jillian Mele, who is no longer at that shift. And Erika von Tiehl and Norah O’Donnell. No, or very few, weekend shows.
One of my favorite takes was when Jillian Mele ejaculated “Oh, my Goodness!” when I was ejaculating!
Another was when Erika opened the news program she usually says “Hello, I’m Erika von Tiehl.” On this occasion I just happened to wave and she said, “Hello, I’m Erika.” Like I was right in front of her, naked, waving. And she was spontaneously introducing herself to me.
As for Norah, there has been so many takes. I’ve gotten to the point of just staring and drooling, she is so pretty. Kind of skinny and flat chested, though.


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4 Responses to More on Solo Male Masturbation Shows on Surveillance TV.

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  2. Marlon Areola says:

    I think I saw the show on the dark web. Can you post an image of your penis so I can confirm?

  3. Don says:

    Don’t forget to add this to your email to Tom Knapp, Richard Winger, Christina Tobin, John McAfee.

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